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Your Guide to Setting and Meeting Your Call Center Agent Goals in the Coming Year

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Dec 20, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Call center agent goals

Call center agents are some of the hardest working professionals in the modern workforce. Don’t believe that? Try meeting their call center agent goals for yourself, and you’ll see just how focused and diligent these agents must be to get things done. They may not be laboring physically, but their mental agility is the backbone of call centers everywhere.

Despite being an invaluable asset to their team, every call center agent has goals they want to achieve and room for improvement. Here, we examine some of those goals – and how to train or become the best call center agent possible. Read on to learn more about meeting and exceeding your company’s own call center agent goals in the coming year:

Improving Organization

Being organized is a great goal for any call center employee. The number of people involved in the call center workforce and the number of calls fielded by these professionals on a daily basis can be mind-blowing.

With all of that happening on a regular basis, it’s no wonder small details often get lost in the shuffle. To prevent this loss of information, organization is key. Not only should employees be offered an effective system of organization, but they should also be trained in how to use it properly and how to make the best use of their time as well as their resources.

Being more organized doesn’t just make employees better performers. It also helps to reduce the stress that these employees are under and creates more satisfaction in the job. The less stressful the workplace environment is, the more likely agents are going to be to stick around – which is good for their paychecks and the company’s bottom line!

Increasing Knowledge Retention

All of us want to be smarter. We all want to gain more knowledge and hang onto the information we gather. But this is one skill that is absolutely imperative to call center agents.

The amount of information that is passed along the channels of call center communication can be staggering. Agents speak with dozens of people a day, at minimum. Each of these people has individual questions, concerns, or complaints that must be addressed, or are individual cases which a company is making contact with for sales purposes. In every case, an agent must rely on their own knowledge and what has been imparted to them by their superiors during training to respond promptly and properly to the consumer’s concerns.

Increasing the ability to retain and use information relevant to the job is a great call center agent goal. It will improve performance and make the job easier on the agent themselves – something that is truly a win for everyone.

Call center agent goals

Enhancing Communication Skills

Can you imagine a job that puts more emphasis on communication than one that requires you to communicate with other people during your entire shift?

Call center agent goals should always out a focus on communication, as it is a founding principle of call center operations. Not only should agents be able to communicate effectively with consumers, but it’s also important that they be able to communicate with fellow team members.

Communication with consumers is what keeps callers happy. Even if they call with concerns, questions, or complaints, being able to talk through the issue and offer a workable solution is what makes a successful call – and a great call center agent performance.

Likewise, the ability to communicate effectively with fellow call center staff member ensures that misunderstanding or miscommunications won’t escalate to the point of poor employee relations. It also ensures that any important information is passed properly from management to entry-level employees and back up again, when the occasion calls for it. Only by communicating properly can employees be happy, productive, and effective in their positions.

Remaining Calm Under Pressure

If you aren’t experienced in the world of call center operations, you may not realize just how much pressure agents are often under. These professionals deal with people at their most confused, upset, and irritated – and do it repeatedly, every day!

Remaining calm under pressure is the only way to effectively handle the tasks performed by these agents. This is largely a talent and a skill that is innate to many agents. To improve upon that existing ability, practice making calls with other agents and responding to prompts that mimic potential consumer concerns or questions. This will help agents perform better under pressure and reduce stress levels during actual calls.

Increasing Speed – Without Sacrificing Quality

Being quick is one of the most important goals a call center agent can have. However, they should never sacrifice the quality of their work to achieve that goal.

Balancing speed with efficiency is all part of learning to become a better agent and improving your skills as you develop in the field. To help agents improve their speed while maintaining their integrity of work, consider adding integrated training to your programming solutions. This introduces training that will improve work quality as well as seed -a real win-win situation for call center team members!

Crushing Call Center Agent Goals with Today’s Best Technology

Few jobs put today’s technology to work for them quite as effectively as call centers do. With so much communication and organization needing to take place in a single day, it is no wonder modern call centers rely heavily on technological solutions to help them manage it all. At ChaseData, we offer the kind of software and solutions your call center needs to succeed. From programming that equips agents to handle consumer concerns properly to software that assists your highest-level management members with scheduling, payroll, employee management and more, we have the kind of solution you need to make this the best year your center has ever seen. Contact us for more information and to learn how we can help you meet all your call center agent goals – this year, and every year!


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