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Workforce Management Scheduling for Success with ChaseData call center software

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Apr 19, 2017 7:30:00 AM

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Workforce management is both an art and a science. The science is creating consistent and appropriate staffing levels over a variety of of shifts. The art is the part where you have to manage actual human beings, often with schedules and complications of their own. This is true in every aspect of service industry jobs, but can end up making or breaking your call center.


Treat People Like People


People like to know their hours, and need to know in order to plan their own schedules (and those of their families) and finances. Being unable to provide consistent hours and scheduling can result in rapid turnover as employees look elsewhere for more reliable hours and low morale for those who remain. For instance, Walmart has recently started offering employees a set amount of hours, in predictable shifts, for six months at a time in a bid to improve worker morale and to decrease absenteeism. Making a schedule manually can be a way to sow confusion and dissension as you try to keep track of staffing needs versus employee availability.


Hit Reset


When you modernize your operation with ChaseData call center software, you have access to real time data that shows you over time when you need more staff and when you need less. Naturally, this is going to show you where you have gaps in your scheduling or too many reps. There's going to be a little disruption, but it's realistic to say that you can get the coverage you need even when you are running 24-7-365. Here's how:


  1. Get everyone's availability in writing.
  2. Set up a coverage map showing when current agents are available and plug them in.
  3. Hire to fill the gaps in your schedule, and be very straight about the hours theyll be working. Nobody wants to be bait and switched the first day on the job.
  4. Create a core of agents to cover your busiest periods and give incentives to staff that work on peak periods and the undesirable shifts that still need to be filled.
  5. With ChaseData, there's a way to allow your staff to work from home - take advantage of it!
  6. Create your schedules inside youre your call center software with real time availability data.


Let’s be straight about it. Turnover costs money. A 2012 study estimates the turnover cost of a worker making $50,000 a year to be 22 percent of salary. Add in the cumulative rate of inflation at 5.8 percent, and that’s $11,634 and change just to hire and train one person to replace another person.


Integrate, Integrate, Integrate!

When we say that ChaseData deals in wraparound solutions, we are not kidding. ChaseData call center software is designed to integrate with your third party scheduling apps, so instead of having to jump back and forth, you can handle all your staffing needs on screen.  Our cloud based software can deploy in just hours to modernize your room and show you how to optimize and streamline your operation.




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