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Why Your Call Center Needs Predictive Dialer Software?

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Apr 12, 2018 7:30:00 AM

predictive dialer software

In your call center, time and efficiency are everything. Each wasted moment results in missed sales opportunities and fewer closings, affecting revenue. Predictive dialer software provides call centers with an excellent solution to overcome these issues.

Benefits of Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software is an automated call center solutions technology that fully integrates into current CRM platforms. It automatically does many tasks, such as calling potential clients during optimal periods for the best results. Check out more benefits below.


Capabilities of predictive dialer software include being customizable and flexible. Companies of all sizes can tailor it to meet the specific needs of the business. You get to be in control and choose the number of leads being dialed per agent throughout any timeframe customized with different algorithms. Modify the dialing mode that works best for your call center to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Better Productivity

The algorithms predict the moment an agent can accept the next call. By using the average talk time, the number of agents online, and the number of lines per agent, the dialer leads to better productivity and less wasted time. Additionally, predictive dialer software removes the need for manually dialing the next number, routes inbound/outbound calls to available agents, and predicts best call times.

Better productivity allows call centers to reduce overall operational costs and overhead expenses. Agents can be scheduled appropriately during low and high volume call periods. Agents no longer sit around while waiting for the calls to increase. Additionally, inbound agents can easily switch to outbound calls during downtimes.

Quality Leads

When using lead management software along with predictive dialers, the data can be prearranged and pooled all in a single, user-friendly location. Pertinent customer data such as incorrect numbers, busy signals, and full voicemails can be avoided in the lead process. It reduces lost time, making it easier for sales agents to connect with potential customers. Increasing the agent to call lead rate translates into higher sales conversions. 

More Sales

By decreasing the idle time between customers and having fewer dialing errors, agents will automatically have an increased talk time rate. When calls are completed at strategic times, leads are more likely to answer the phone. Plus, predictive dialers can dial several numbers simultaneously. With improved productivity and efficiency from better leads, companies will see an increase in overall sales and revenues.

Happy Customers

Did you know predictive dialer software is intelligent enough to screen calls quickly and more accurately than your agents? On top of that, it continuously collects data to improve speed and accuracy over time. It’s true. It satisfies customers when they connect with the right agent, who already has their information on the screen, and in as little time as possible.

Scalable Solutions

Depending on the needs of your company, predictive dialer software provides scalable solutions for small businesses to large corporations. Maximize efficiency between inbound and outbound systems. To learn more about how ChaseData’s call center software solutions will help you increase your bottom line, contact us today.



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