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Why Contact Centers Need a Call Recording Solution

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Nov 22, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Call Recording Solution

Consistent, stellar customer service is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. Training your staff on core company values and conflict management are two essential parts of seeing a high customer satisfaction rate, but you need more of a safeguard than good faith. While you may implicitly trust your employees, addressing issues that arise may require a call recording solution.


Getting the Full Story

One of the biggest mistakes that many managers make is assuming that the customer is always right. While this is a good style of customer interaction, applying that assumption to real-world scenarios isn't practical. This can demoralize your employees if they truly haven't made a mistake or aren't to blame for an issue, and are simply dealing with a customer who's having a bad day. Using a call recording solution means that you can get your facts straight when you're looking into a conflict, and then decide how to proceed. This also provides the opportunity to identify star agents who are going above and beyond expectations and exceeding sales goals. The key to maximizing the potential of your staff is to replicate a preexisting model, which in this case, comes by identifying these standout employees, advises Customer Think. Recording your star player's calls and then playing them back as a training exercise helps to refine your other agents' phone mannerisms or interpretation of scripts.


A Useful Training Tool

Aside from conflict resolution management, one of the upsides to using a call recording solution feature is that you can use recorded content as a training tool. If you have a stellar employee who knows how to handle either a conflict or make a great sales call, depending on your industry, providing new hires with a concrete example of what a successful call sounds like is invaluable. Business 2 Community points out that not only is stellar customer service about noticing details, but also about acting on those moments when a customer may pause or use a certain type of language. These are tells that any agent can learn, and using live recorded examples to demonstrate the right way to pick up on customer communication nuances is the most effective training method you can use.


How to Choose a Call Recording Solution

There are plenty of free apps that claim they make call recording a snap. However, if you're running a professional enterprise, you can't rely on a free app without any recourse or support to integrate into your business. Investing in a call center management software package that includes features such as analytic reports, predictive dialing, and customer service support is prudent. Call centers range in size, so you should start by finding a scalable solution that fits your needs. Make sure you also take advantage of free trials before you make a final decision. The bottom line is that you can't rely on free tools to effectively and professionally manage a call center.


Whether you're dealing with an inbound, outbound, or mixed call center, what doesn't change is that being able to monitor and assess your employees' performance is a huge asset to the success of your business. Using a call recording solution such as ChaseData, means that you can get the hard facts straight if a problem arises, identify star agents, as well as recycling valuable content for future training. This is a must-have tool for any call center.



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