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What Really Impacts Your Net Promoter Score?

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Nov 6, 2019 7:30:00 AM

net promoter score

Most customer service companies understand that the net promoter score - or NPS - is important to growth and improvement. However, far fewer understand how to control their net promoter score. That understanding is just as vital to becoming a successful business, though.

How can you keep it trending positive - and keep the consumers it represents happy with your service? Here, we’ll show you what impacts your NPS and how to create and maintain a positive one - as well as the role of your score in improving your center’s ongoing performance.

Brand Reputation

Your company’s reputation is important. You probably already know this, but did you know that your brand’s reputation is of key importance when it comes to influencing your net promoter score? It’s true; those who contribute to these scores are more likely to grant a company a higher score when they trust that company or view that brand as reliable than if they are having their first experience with the business. Strive to be seen as reliable, trustworthy, and established in your industry to enjoy a higher NPS every time.


What makes for a great product? Some would say that it is one that a consumer feel that they can’t get anywhere else - or that they can’t go about their everyday lives without. This feeling of indispensability is something you should strive for when it comes to creating and marketing your products, whether those are tangible items, services, or something else. It’s also a major factor that can contribute to a higher net promoter score, so keep that in mind while you work toward products that are better and more indispensable than every other brand’s!

Product Performance

The quality of the products or services that the company your center represents is selling or distributing has a major impact on your facility’s NPS. How? Because while you may have never seen, touched, or experienced those products yourself s part of an outsourced customer support center, your consumer still equates your performance with that of the product they are calling about. Take this into consideration; your consumers definitely do when they are providing feedback for your NPS.

Product Price Point

Just as the performance of the products or services your partner company offers will impact your NPS, so will the cost. Pricey products can be justified by excellent quality and performance, but if consumers encounter a lot of issues in obtaining that performance, the high cost will likely encourage a trade-off - and your NPS may suffer as a result.

Website Navigation and Usability

You may have the best products on the planet and the finest customer service representatives available, but if consumers cannot find, navigate, and use your website correctly, there is not much point in having any of it.

The majority of today’s commerce either begins or happens entirely online. Consumers either make purchases online or research the products or services they are interested in online before committing to buying them. If you want your company’s products to be on their shortlist for consideration, your website needs to be fully functional and easy to understand. This means that not only should tech-savvy customers be able to use it on every type of device, but your grandmother or preteen nephew should be able to navigate it as well. Ensuring that your website is easy to use will lessen frustration on the part of the consumer - and increase satisfaction, leading to a higher NPS.

Data Security

When a customer shops with your brand online, they want to know their information is safe.

Whether they’re inputting their home address for delivery or handing over the financial information, you are being granted access to some very sensitive details about your consumers’ lives. That’s why it only makes sense for your business to invest in top-quality security software and protection that will safeguard both you and your consumers against theft, fraud, and all manner of data-related crimes. It’s an investment that keeps your customers and your bottom line safe.

Customer Support

How well do you support the customers who you speak to every day? While providing customer service involves numerous tasks, providing support is the specific act of offering solutions to their problems and answers to their would be surprised how many people call customer service lines every day only to end their calls feeling more frustrated an confused than they did before calling!

Don’t let this happen in your center. Train your employees to provide excellent support to every caller. Use the best tools and technology to keep wait times to a minimum and serve customers quickly and efficiently. Offer plenty of support to your customers and give them a reason to return the favor with a high net promoter score.


Consumers like to have their concerns follow-up on by the companies they voice them to. Establish a rule within your customer service agency about providing a follow-up opportunity for those who have more complex or serious concerns. Set a time frame and follow-up within that time frame every time. Use software to assist you with hitting this goal. Your consumers - and your NPS - will thank you!

Individual Attention

It is easy to feel like you’re just another face in the crowd when you’re contacting a call center. Agents talk to so many people every day; how can they possibly serve each one adequately?

With the proper tools, training, and technology, that’s how. By equipping your agents correctly and teaching them how to address complaints and concerns and answer questions correctly the first time they are presented, consumers will be given the individual attention they deserve - and your net promoter score will see a big boost as a result.

Need help setting your call center team up for success in meeting the needs of every consumer that calls? Talk to the experts at ChaseData. We can help you outfit your operation with everything you need to keep things running smoothly - and keep your NPS high by keeping consumers happy.


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