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What is a Multi-Channel Contact Center?

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on May 15, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Multi-Channel Contact Center

It’s no secret that today’s wave of customers depends more on digital communications, like social media, text messaging, email, and instant chat, to interact with businesses around the globe. The solution to meeting your clients where they are is a multi-channel contact center.

Benefits of a Multi-Channel Contact Center

A multi-channel contact center allows businesses to give their clients flexibility. Customers can choose a contact method they prefer and are most comfortable with using. By being prepared with several methods of contact, your business can provide clients with timely and valuable service.

Yes, phone calls are the single most used point of contact for the people businesses need to reach. However, the use of email, social media, and chat support are steadily increasing. Since clients rely on multiple channels of communication, then so should your business. It benefits your clients and your organization by giving both parties more than a single contact option.


If your customers want to reach you via Facebook, a multi-channel contact center empowers them with that option. Whether they want to reach out the traditional method by calling your business or through SMS, give your clients the flexibility they want to select a medium of their choosing. If it makes more sense for them, then your company should be ready to provide them with a flawless customer experience.

Technological Improvements

Utilize the advancements technology gives you by simplifying your contact center’s daily operations. Integrate with the proper technologies that allow for customer engagement for all platforms from one point of configuration.

It’s easy and quick to set up a flexible workflow that can be combined with several interfaces such as social media and web chat. Multi-channel contact centers are designed to work with a diverse range of platforms for many industries including sales, self-service, IT, marketing, retail, and much more!

Streamline Agent Experience

Take advantage of the latest cloud technologies and a CRM that provides agents with a sole interface for handling all interactions across a variety of channels. In this day and age, agents should not only receive important inbound call center training tips but they should also be provided with the training to interact with clients across multiple contact channels.

Your contact center agents’ main focus should be on building relationships with your customers, not stumbling over cumbersome tools or a lack of training. It’s time for you to improve the digital experience for your clients now.

Insight & Planning

A multi-channel contact center solution gives you the opportunity to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) more comprehensively by letting you drill down into the provided information. Capture and review essential client activity that helps you take the guesswork out of business planning. Use the gathered data to accurately forecast and plan agent work schedules to accommodate predicted customer demands.

Prepare to Meet Evolving Demands

Effectively, by innovating with the latest hosted dialer solutions and using the tools a multi-channel contact center allows you; you’re ensuring your company is ready to rise to the evolving change in the way customers contact businesses. Don’t wait, be prepared by integrating with the latest in call center software that covers your bases and gives your customers various contact solutions.

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