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What Could You Accomplish With Remote Campaign Telephone Agents?

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Feb 22, 2017 7:30:00 AM

What Could Your Political Campaign Accomplish With An Army of At-Home Campaign Phone Bank Workers.jpg

Campaign season is here and campaign managers all over the country are gearing up phone banks in support of various fundraising, issues awareness, crisis response and get out the vote efforts. Previous election cycles at all levels (local, state and national) have taken advantage of numerous technological advancements. Social media, high value data mining and other innovations have led to unprecedented changes in the electoral landscape. ChaseData is introducing another innovation to political speech borrowed from our success in the private sector. Namely, remote campaign telephone agents.

The phone bank however has remained a stalwart, bedrock foundation of every political campaign. Political telemarketing has also undergone rapid and refreshing change. During the 2016 cycle we are introducing a cost effective way to have you best or simply more campaign workers actually dial from home while you maintain visibility and compliance at campaign headquarters.

Here are 10 great reasons why your campaign should leverage remote campaign agents this election cycle.

10 Great Reasons Why Your Political Campaign Should Use At-Home Phone Bank Workers

  1. Reduce campaign facilities leasing costs. By having agents work from home campaign office and phone bank leases are reduced because you simply need fewer square feet of space.
  2. Eliminate hardware costs. Remote campaign phone bank operators simply use their home computers eliminating the need for short term leasing and rental of political campaign computers.
  3. Childcare and other barriers. Often our best phone bank operators have childcare and other issues preventing them from spending more time at the phone bank. Working from home is an elegant solution for the campaign.
  4. TCPA and legal compliance. Considering the limitations imposed by TCPA legislation, preamble announcements and pre-call closing announcements are automated using our software. Agents are free to engage with the voters and donors free of these announcements.
  5. Low barrier to political calling entry. Phone bank operators simply use their home's internet connection and a web browser to access the campaigns calling list.
  6. Calling out and receiving returned calls. Our software intelligently routes inbound calls based on your campaign agent's skills. These skills are defined by the political campaign. Examples are language, geographic location, experience, etc.
  7. Visibility and quality assurance. Remote phone bank worker may be out of sight, however they are never out of mind. Campaign phone bank managers are able to monitor all calls and receive real-time reports on all agent activity (both at campaign headquarters and remote campaign agents).
  8. Scheduling flexibility. Travel time to the phone bank is reduced to a stroll to the campaign telemarketer's home computer. Scheduling, transportation and a host of other barriers are completely eliminated.
  9. Affordability. Remote political campaign agents can be deployed for as little as $89 per month and this includes 2,500 minutes of talk time. More complex campaigns requiring higher volume call capabilities have a number of options.
  10. No long term political campaign commitments. Campaign managers are able to ramp up remote and headquarters phone bank agents during the campaign and scale down after the election. This is because there are no contracts, our dialing software is strictly pay as you go.


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