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Warming Up Real Estate Cold Calling

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Feb 21, 2017 10:38:06 AM

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Real estate cold calling, dialing for dollars or dialing for listings is a standard in the successful real estate sales office. Real estate sales managers are constantly securing new lead lists and juggling new methods of keeping agents and support staff motivated to make these cold calls. Why? Because properly sourced leads couple with a consistent commitment to dialing drives new FSBO listings, new exclusive listings and often result in the sale of valuable off-market listings. Contrast this with realtors and their support staff simply wanting to "get through" their cold call quota for the day/week and get on with the business of showing and selling their listings. New, affordable dialer technologies can help bridge the gap.

"Consistency is the key, if you make 200 calls per working day you cannot help but come across somebody that needs your services or will need your services shortly."

— Joe B., Real Estate Investor from El Dorado Hills, CA

Our suite of call center automation software (starting at $89 per month) is a great solution to the real estate cold calling challenge. Agents are no longer required to manually "dial by hand." Instead, our cold calling software will automatically dial, listen for a live person then connect 'live prospect' directly to an available agent who are then free to sell the realtor's services (i.e. securing new listings, etc.). The net result of using our software are two fold: Real estate agents are able to field more live calls within a shorter amount of time.


Real Estate Sales Manager Advantages

  1. Gone are the days of reviewing "manual call logs." Our software feeds all of the critical reports you require directly to your desktop or email address. Contact rates, dispositions, agent performance are all available in real-time.

  2. Observe and control real estate calls as they are happening. So much of what makes a successful cold call involves training and experience. With our 'live observe' feature you managers are not only able to observe and coach an agent - they can also 'take over' a call when required.

  3. Support all of your real estate listings. Because the software is campaign driven your real estate office can engage multiple sales campaigns. Agent can call potential buyers for a large, exclusive condominium listing while simultaneously sell individual single family listings. The system is ultimately flexible and is only limited by your imagination.

Every facet of the telephone sales process is integrated into our real estate cold calling software. Scripts are standardized and customized by the contact type. For example if the first call is a potential commercial listing, the script is presented to the operator as a commercial listing script. Let's say, the 15th call is a potential residential listing. Again the script would instantly become a residential script. Follow ups from the previous day's calling are also presented in-line with the new calls. The system is designed to accomplish two critical tasks:

  1. Connect your agents with live prospects every few minutes.
  2. Eliminate all of the tedious cold calling tasks that get in the way of securing new listings.

We invite you to test drive our cold calling software at your real estate office for a week. Once you have evaluated the increased contact rates and agent "buy in" we know we will win you real estate office's business. 



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