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Top Call Center Techniques to Improve Operational Performance

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on May 8, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Call Center Techniques

Each business has its own unique call center techniques to meet objectives but at the end of the day, your agents play an essential role in providing daily top-notch customer service. In fact, even with the increase in self-service technologies, most callers still prefer speaking with an actual customer service agent to address their issues.

Improve Performance With These Call Center Techniques

Since your clients depend on your agents, it’s essential for companies to consistently employ top call center techniques to improve operational performance across the business.

Streamlining Processes

Call centers should take advantage of the variety of call center techniques that are available to them for completing tasks that range from easy to complex. Tasks should be divided and given to agents in order of complexity. Give simple calls to agents with less experience and more complex tasks to more qualified individuals. By streamlining the process in which each task is handed out, it will improve operating efficiency and first call resolution rates.

Training & Product Knowledge

Customers prefer interacting with call center agents who possess high levels of product knowledge, excellent communication skills, and adequate problem-solving skills. Bottom line—your call center agents must be able to answer the questions posed by your callers.

Train your agents regularly with group sessions that give them the opportunity to listen to calls that demonstrate the type of behavior you would like your agents to follow. It’s also imperative to put agents in training very similar to real-life scenarios to make certain they’re up for the stresses of the job.

Provide the Right Tools & Information

Sending the calls to the correct department and to an agent capable of handling it is the right way to route your calls. However, if the agents are not provided with the right tools and information, then how can you expect them to successfully settle a complex call? By empowering them with the necessary information at the exact moment of need, your callers will be less frustrated, and so will your agents.


By taking advantage of the latest technology, like transitioning to cloud services, using artificial intelligence to gather data, and using interactive voice response, call centers can make amazing improvements in operational performance.

Customer Feedback

Above all else, spend time getting feedback from customers to determine what they really think and want from your service or products. Satisfied customers are happy to provide feedback with a follow-up email or even directly after speaking with a call center agent. Angry customers tend to vent on social media if their issue was not resolved.

You’re there to provide a solution to their problem. If you’re not achieving that then figure out how you can get it done by identifying and fixing shortcomings within your call center’s daily operations.

Improving Call Center Techniques

It’s essential for call centers to frequently work on improving the quality of service delivered to their customers. Not only will your clients be happy but with these top call center techniques, you can also significantly improve overall operational performance.


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