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Tips for Commercial Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Mar 28, 2018 7:30:00 AM

commercial real estate cold calling scripts

It takes time for a newcomer to become accustomed and comfortable with cold calling potential prospects. Commercial real estate cold calling scripts come in handy, especially when you’re new to the job.

Commercial Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts: Tips

There are numerous commercial real estate cold calling scripts and techniques you can employ to improve your business growth. It can take a long time to close a listing, especially a commercial real estate property. By using a flexible script, you can fine-tune it and be prepared for every call. Because let’s face it—you’re going to make a lot of them!

Prepare Your Script

Normally, agents have to personalize their script. It should be brief and interesting enough to land you a meeting. Remember, you’re going to need to make many calls if you want to book enough appointments, which eventually lead to a closed listing. While you should still be prepared to change direction in the middle of a call, real estate cold calling software that customizes scripts automatically can be a helpful tool in quickly accomplishing this task.

Research Your Prospect

Spend a little time (five minutes maximum) looking up information on your prospect but not too much time. Locate their city, some basic information about them, LinkedIn profile, work history, etc. Use this information to connect and build rapport with your prospect.

Prepare Yourself

Preparing mentally to execute commercial real estate cold calling scripts can improve your success rate. Practice your script and your tone of voice before you ever even make your first call. Cold calling is a numbers game so you need to be ready to handle it with a warm and confident tone. You need to be prepared to listen and adapt to the call’s direction.

Making Your Cold Call

The point is to get straight to the point of why the call will benefit them. Your opening statement should be strong enough to capture their attention. After you’ve done that, ask some questions:

  • Are they satisfied with their current office space? If not, what would they like different?
  • How’s their building working out for them?
  • Some owners struggle with their current management. What issues are they facing?
  • Are there any difficulties with filling the commercial listings in their properties?
  • Are they facing any other commercial real estate issues?
  • Are they looking to expand into new locations?

Pay attention to their answers, tone of voice, and whether they seem interested overall. Learning how to pick up and read subtle nuances is a skill that’s developed over time. At the end of the call, don’t forget to ask for the meeting.

Wrapping Up

Remember, the purpose of these calls is to land an appointment—not to pitch. Pitching your services over the telephone is a terrible idea because it doesn’t work. The best part about utilizing cold calling software is it dials new prospects for the agent so there isn’t any fumbling with the next number.

With ChaseData’s call center automation solutions, you will be able to easily track your conversation notes, prospect/client information, and cold-calling data, making it a highly efficient tool for real estate businesses of all sizes.

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