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The Benefits of Partnering with a Blended Contact Center

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Oct 18, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Blended Contact Center

When you choose a specialized agency to provide call center services to your organization, you have several choices. Aside from which agency to go with, you often have the options of inbound call services, outbound services, and those that combine each of these into a single facility. This is known as a blended contact center, and there are many benefits to choosing one of these facilities to handle your business’s calls. Here are just a few of the ways a blended contact center makes a significant difference for companies both large and small:


Perhaps the most essential benefit of relying on a blended center for call services is that these locations condense a number of tasks into a single facility. For the companies they work with, this is both cost-efficient and extremely effective since they are typically paying only a single fee for the services of both an inbound call center and one that handles outbound calling. What’s more, the wide variety of tools and training for employees of these blended centers means that almost any problem is handled by the staff at a single location, which significantly cuts down on wasted time and improves customer satisfaction. All of this adds up to boosts for the call center as a whole - and even more so for the organizations using their services.


While there is more going on in a blended call center, the tasks are typically more focused and specialized, too. This means that both agents and the technology they rely on are more task-oriented - better suited to handle the jobs that are required of them. Even when you have staff members that perform both inbound and outbound calling duties, they typically work with software and systems that help them complete those tasks by focusing on them individually. This specialization drives productivity upward for everyone at the facility - and for the companies that partner with them.


Do you ever experience difficulty in determining how many agents to assign to each of your outbound and inbound call in services? One of the most significant benefits of utilizing a blended contact center is that agents are capable of handling both tasks and can be assigned or reassigned to a relevant department as needs change. This means that when you experience a surge in incoming calls or a sudden drop in the need for placing outbound ones, you’ll have the agents you need for each without changing your staff.

Customer Satisfaction

Improving the relationship a company has with its customers or clients is another lesser-known benefit of using a blended call center. One reason is a feeling of familiarity. When a consumer can speak to the same team - or even the same agent - who sold them a product or service originally about any problems or concerns they’re having, they feel more comfortable. Most people want to feel like they have a relationship with the people they trust their business. There are few better ways to ensure this than to be able to work with the same organization from the sales pitch all the way through issue resolution.

Blended Contact Center

Opportunities for Automation 

Although the technology that blended call facilities typically use is not necessarily exclusive to these centers, it does have some significant advantages that can’t be ignored. The automation in these coal center software programs allows for many effective and efficient shortcuts that provide better experienced for both consumers and employees. Keeping agents from burning out by handling the more repetitive tasks of the job while connecting callers and agents in a more accurate and timely manner than might otherwise be possible, this technology is at the forefront of what makes blended centers some of the best in the business.

Increased Revenue 

The combination of the increased efficiency of automated call centers and those that help forge better relationships between consumers and agents create a formula for better gains in revenue. Think about it: people are more likely to be sold on an upsell or cross-sell by someone they feel familiar with and feel that they can trust. Likewise, they are more likely to become repeat customers or clients if they have that sense of trust in what the organization is doing. Blended contact facilities provide both of these - and enable the companies that partner with them to see revenue increases over time.

Improved Forecasting

The data used in analysis and forecasting is both ampler and more readily available in blended contact centers. Software typically used in these multitasking facilities is capable of compiling historical data and creating practical projections of future events and responses. This helps companies meet their own needs better by working toward the future with a concrete, sensible plan for what demand they may experience and how to supply for it properly. The details collected and analyzed also help organizations to fine-tune their current strategies and improve their approaches to common concerns so that these become less prevalent in the future.


Another major benefit of a blended contact center is that each department is better able to collaborate with the others than it would otherwise be in a stand-alone center.

Communication and collaboration between departments boast two primary benefits to the company. First, it improves the ability to solve problems; when the issue is addressed from multiple angles and viewpoints, there is less time needed to solve it. Secondly, this teamwork dynamic inspires better relationships between employees and improves employee experience and satisfaction in the workplace.

Multi-Market Presence 

For companies just starting or looking for opportunities to expand and grow, there is nothing like working with a blended contact center to create the success you wish to see. By having staff working in both inbound and outbound communications, an organization essentially had a presence in both markets. This gives the company a greater reach and a larger potential consumer base - and anyway you look at it, that’s good for business!

When you’re ready to learn more about how a blended contact center can benefit your organization, contact the industry experts at ChaseData Solutions. We can help put into place the tools you need to handle every aspect of your company’s communications with consumers - and a whole lot more!


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