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Ten Tips for Running a Multi-Site Call Center

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Mar 18, 2019 7:30:00 AM

multi-site contact center

Are you thinking of taking your operation from a single-site success to multi-site contact center this year?

It’s a move that makes sense for many companies. After all, with calls coming in from across the country or even around the globe, it only seems logical to have several centers to handle the traffic, so your flagship contact center doesn’t become overwhelmed. But there are challenges that branching out into a multi-site operation brings along with it.

Here, we will examine those challenges and how to excel in the face of them, so your company can enjoy success no matter how many facilities you choose to operate out of!

Establish Expectations and Enforce Them Across All Locations

You cannot expect your employees to uphold the standards of behavior and professional productivity that you set for your original location if you don’t firmly establish those standards before setting up your new locations. Set those expectations in writing before your new locations are created and share them with every new team as they are trained. This will encourage consistency from the very beginning and help create a company culture that is unified across all locations.

Train and Relocate Agents Whenever Possible

To keep the ideals and the standards you’ve set for your company’s staff consistent between all multi-site contact center locations, it may benefit you to train employees – especially management – in a single location. After these staff members have been trained, they can then be dispatched to multiple sites, bringing that consistency with them when they go. It’s an easy and organic way to keep things more homogenous between all facilities.

Communication Must Remain Open

Communication is the backbone of any call center, and that is certainly true when it comes to the multi-site contact center. You cannot hope to be successful with multiple locations without properly communicating between them. Be sure that – from new hires to management – every staff member is communicating effectively and that lines of communication between each facility are always open for the exchange of ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Emphasize the Importance of Leadership

One of the biggest challenges of multi-site contact center facilities is that your management members can’t be present at all of them simultaneously. This is why it’s important to designate new management team members and train them to uphold the same standards that you have always expected from your leadership teams. By delegating onsite leadership to new team members, you can focus on other aspects of growing your business.

Collaboration is Imperative

Does everyone in your company have a say in the decision that you make? While it may not make sense to let every employee weigh in on every choice, it is very important for management members from every facility to have the chance to offer their opinions and insight when important decisions are being made. This collaboration makes for a sense of unity that allows for every member of management to feel included and allows for each facility to feel like they are part of the overall picture of success that your company is painting!

Utilize Today’s Technology to Your Advantage

Nearly everything that needs to be done in the case of a multi-site contact center can be taken care of with today’s technology. From meeting with remote management members to collecting information, ideas, and inspiration from teams anywhere else on the planet, you can do it all from your office with the right software. Be sure your operation has the tools you need to keep up with your growing communications needs.

Live Site Visits Are Important

Do you know what is going on at each of your remote locations?

It is important to visit your various locations in person as often as possible. Not only does doing so keep your management team informed of what is happening on site, but it also gives the staff at each location a sense of your involvement. When they can see that the overall leadership of the company are real people that are literally involved in its daily operations, they’re more likely to be invested as well!

multi-site contact center

Use Conferences and Trainings to Exchange Ideas and Concepts Between Sites

Getting people together to exchange ideas is very important when your teams are spread out between multiple locations. This way, when great techniques or management ideas pop up at one location, they can be shared between team members and put to work in other locations, maximizing efficiency in all facilities!

Recognize Each Multi-Site Contact Center as Its Own Location

How different are each of the facilities in your multi-site contact center? The answer may surprise you!

Studies have shown that even within a similar environment, different workplaces may naturally evolve their own unique social cultures. Adding additional elements like varying geographical locations and outside cultures – especially if some of your call center facilities are in other countries – and you are bound to have major differences in the workplace cultures your varying teams experience.

Be sensitive to and respectful of these differences when planning meetings and distributing materials. Your teams will feel more like a valuable part of the big picture if they feel respected.

Engage in Inter-Agency Team Building Exercises

While it is important to remember that the staff and the culture of each facility in your multi-site contact center will be unique, it is also critical to your overall company culture to engage in as many team-building exercises as possible. Gather your entire company together as often as possible in trainings or celebrations and use these events to engage participants with one another socially to create more feelings of fraternity and a stronger sense of teamwork between everyone involved.

When you’re ready to take your multi-site contact center plan from dream to reality, contact the industry professionals at ChaseData. We have the experience, tools, and technology you need to overcome the industry’s most common challenges and turn them into your operations’ strengths.

Don’t settle for one successful site. With passion, planning, and preparation, you can make 2019 the year you create a multi-site operation and take your customer service and productivity to the next level! 


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