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Telemarketing Software: Growing Pains for Telemarketing Compliance and Technology

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Mar 29, 2017 7:30:00 AM

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You know the saying about a few bad apples spoiling the entire barrel? That’s what it’s like to be in telemarketing. The assumption is that the person placing the call is the sleazy denizen of the boiler room is pretty much the first conclusion that comes to mind. The FTC and FCC have issued a number of regulations for telemarketing compliance.  If ignored, they risk hefty fines. In addition to federal regulation, states may also impose their own requirements and regulations. Because of those bad apples, laws that protect consumer privacy impose a burden on any telemarketer or direct marketer.


Complying With Regulations

The kinds of regulations that will apply to your business depend on what state you’re in, the products and services that you are offering, the states that you are calling, whether you’re calling B2C or B2B. There are regulations governing the use of autodialers, curfews, in addition to some states requiring licenses and bonds before you open for business. In all cases, we encourage our clients to consult with attorneys who specialize in telemarketing law and regulation. An attorney can advise you as to what your specific industry and location will require. ChaseData will put solutions in place to meet them. 

With so many different rules and regulations, you really need to have a comprehensive technological solution in place to help you keep up. Depending on the type of industry you’re in, you may be required to archive calls, to give a “Miranda” at certain points in the conversation, and otherwise comply with state and federal requirements. If you are working your leads the old-fashioned way, you could be setting yourself up for a considerable amount of trouble. The Wild West days of telemarketing are gone, and in its place is a framework that is designed to protect the consumer.


Telemarketing Software Solutions


This is where a comprehensive software solution comes into play for telemarketing. You can help to protect your business, streamline your call volume, and stay strictly inside compliance requirements with a simple upgrade to your software. You can instantly stand out from the crowd, not only in terms of call center performance, but make your telemarketing room complaint and suit proof. The bad apples might have landed a heavy burden on the good apples, but with a modern solution and sound legal advice, you can have a call center that is in compliance and well within your budget.

 ChaseData specializes in custom solutions for all types of industries and all types of call centers, and we can tailor a perfect fit for you. Inbound, outbound, or hybrid, in financial services, hospitality, insurance, or utilities, we can get your call center up and running in hours. Not weeks, not months. With outbound predictive dialing and robust analytics, you will be able to see the difference that Chase Data solutions can make. From small operations with five people up to enterprise-level users, we offer a way to really have it all – high volume calls and spot-on regulatory compliance.


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