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Take a Test Drive of the New ChaseData Agent Interface

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Jun 19, 2018 7:30:00 AM

ChaseData Agent Interface

ChaseData is one of best reviewed call-center software suites available, pulling an enviable five out of five stars on both ease-of-use and customer service across a number of industries from outbound telemarketing, to hospitality industry call centers, debt collection, and help desks. Now the company is making things even easier for the boots on the ground – the call center agent. The new agent workstation application with the new ChaseData agent interface is fully onboard as of January 2018. The native Windows app has been developed to make the frontline agent’s job easier and provide the customer with a faster, more complete, and more satisfactory.

Give the Front Line the Best Tools

“Our system is a little slow today.”

“Let me just verify your information.”

“Could you please hold for a moment?”

Being on the front lines of the call center is tough, and experienced agents are a tough breed. However, when given truly effective tools to handle their calls, they can find less stress and more satisfaction in delivering a better customer experience. In fact, instead of sending the agent on a hunt for the client’s history, a screen pop hits the screen so that the agent has enough of a wealth of information to get started with in dealing with the situation. The screen pop provides the agent with critical information such as a profile, lifecycle stage, and other management-selected information. The informative but decluttered interface means that the agent is not batting away windows to find what they need. Agents spend more time more time handing customers and clients, less time digging desperately around the interface trying to find what they need. 

ChaseData Agent Interface Innovations

ChaseData also adds in a “skills-based interface” so that the agent can direct the call appropriately whether it is to a tier or another department altogether. Despite the omnipresence of the internet, Capterra notes that a recent white paper by Microsoft still pegs the phone as the most used customer service channel. The new ChaseData agent interface still accesses favored third-party apps and managers have more tools than ever to define the paths of inbound calls by agent skills including language, support tier training, sales training, and access to third-party apps via URL or LAN location. Credentialing agents for access is simple to assign or modify the login and password level to app permissions. Management’s toolkits are critical in making sure that agents are appropriately assigned and that the agents have the freedom and ability to use the tools they need inside a comprehensive call center app instead of cobbling together tools and interfaces from one agent to another.

ChaseData Agent Interface

Big Advantages Add Up to Better Service

There is more to call center software then click to dial. Inbound, outbound or blended agents need to have the information and tools that they need in order to satisfy the customer or client. Fumbling around, putting clients on hold, trying to sign in to third-party apps, and not being able to escalate situations to the appropriate skill level are frustrating, time-consuming, and ultimately self-defeating. Everyone goes away angry. The customer is angry because they were not satisfied during the encounter with the agent, the agent is angry because they were not able to do their job and had to deal with an irate client. Both situations can carry over in ways that are detrimental to the company.

  • From the client’s end: The level of service was unsatisfactory, the agent was distracted and trying to find information that should have transferred with the call, and they were not able to find the appropriate solution to the client problem. The client will then talk to friends, review on a site such as Yelp, and otherwise make their dissatisfaction now. Word of mouth is powerful advertising, but it has also influence when applied negatively. The big advantages of a skills-based interface benefit both the agent and the client or customer that they help on the line. 

  • From the agent’s end: The next call starts with an agent who is unhappy and unsatisfied with the way the previous call. This unhappiness can carry over into even the best trained and most experienced agents. The previous client may have yelled at or denigrated the agent, threatened to cancel an order or account, or simply hung up on them when the call did not go as efficiently or well as they wanted.
  • Agents have the applications they need available with just a point and click.

  • Customers do not have to continuously verify their information as their call goes through tier 1, tier 2, and through other departments.

  • Customers are routed to an agent with an appropriate level of skill to handle their issue.

  • Time eaters such as verifying information, logging into and out of applications, finding appropriate tools, and having side (instead of in-app) conversations with supervisors are eliminated.

Agents Off Site

Even if your on-call agents are off-site, they can still have all the advantages of your call center agents – but they’ll have to pay for their own coffee. With cloud-based technology and VOIP, your front-line agents can take care of business with the same intuitive, skills-based interface that agents in the brick-and-mortar location have. Management can track their KPI just as easily as they do agents in the room, and you’ll never be left with overwhelmed staff at peak times or idle staff at low-traffic hours. Flexibility is built in along with ease of use. Give your off-site agents all the advantages of your on-site personnel. For that matter, management can access robust tools off or onsite, bringing great flexibility to all levels of staffing.

Getting Aboard with ChaseData is a Snap!

Your call center is your profit center, and your staff needs the right tools to put out fires, grow the business, and do their jobs at peak performance. Get started with a free demo and then a fast deployment of cloud-based call center software for inbound, outbound, and blended call centers. Get in touch with the experts at ChaseData and see what the new ChaseData agent interface does for your KPI and your bottom line.


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