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Ringless Voicemail Marketing Brings in Sales

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Aug 9, 2018 7:30:00 AM

ringless voicemail

It’s a hot topic. Everyone is talking so much about robocalls and that makes it hard to talk about an innovative positive story, ringless voicemail marketing. To be completely fair, scammers have made of apps that harvest telephone numbers from unwary smartphone owners. In turn, these lists are sold to other scammers who are running everything from the “IRS is coming to arrest you” scams, to health insurance scams, Social Security scams, and other ways to separate people from their hard earned money.

It’s led to a voicemail culture whereby if the phone’s owner does not recognize the number, the call will go to voicemail until the owner can look it up on a number of sites dedicated to busting scam callers. People will do anything to stop the constant calls which totaled 16 billion last year - from people they don’t know and companies they have never dealt with before.

But what if your company could make it a good thing?

What if you could use ringless voicemail in a good way?

What if you could use ringless voicemail as part of your marketing communications mix and stay well within regulatory compliance?

What if it could be an opt-in service to your existing customers?

Well, it can be done and ChaseData is bringing it to you.

Current Status of Ringless Voicemail

As it stands, ringless voicemails are legal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Moreover, ringless voicemail drops are not classified as telephone calls and therefore are not regulated by the FCC. In fact, federal courts haven’t weighed in on ringless voicemail either. Two vendors of ringless voicemail have pending petitions before the FCC asking for declarations that ringless voicemail is outside the scope of the TCPA regulations. Furthermore, there are no known planes pending before any state consumer protection office, the FTC’s consumer protection office, or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance!

Using ringless voicemail is a terrific marketing, as long as your contact lists are compliant Do Not Call list and Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This will keep you off the radar of the FTC which has been vigorous in its enforcement of the do not call list and is actively pursuing noncompliant robocaller operations. While ChaseData provides ringless voicemail as a service, it is up to the customer using it to make sure that they are using it in a legal and acceptable manner. ChaseData suggests scrubbing your contact list frequently against the Do Not Call registry and call only during the hours stipulated in the regulations. Your voicemail should clearly identify your company and the purpose of your call.

Best Ways to Use Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail is a versatile way to accomplish different functions for your business. Just a few of the functions are:

  1. Use ringless voicemail to remind existing customers of an incoming shipment or a pending order.
  2. Reach out to new web-based leads and generate inbound calls for your sales office or call center.
  3. Automate property management tasks – remind tenants of lease renewals, remind residents of HOA board meetings, and promote new listings to previous contacts.
  4. Remind customers of periodic appointment, maintenance or servicing needs – dental, HVAC, tune-ups, or check-ups – without spending on payroll.
  5. If you are a political or non-profit organization, use ringless voicemail to solicit contributions or volunteer activities.
  6. Using ringless voicemail, contact customers enrolled in a loyalty program with exclusive deals and promotions.
  7. Schools can reach out to parents reminding them of parent-teacher nights, sporting events, report cards, or even weather events such as snow days.

One thing that nobody should ever do with ringless voicemail is to make unsolicited sales calls – also called “cold calls.” Although ringless voicemail is – for the moment – outside the reach of the regulations in the TCPA, these calls may have the tendency to annoy recipients. Annoyed recipients generate complaints, and complaints bring regulatory scrutiny and potential fines.

Ringless Voicemail

Why Is Ringless Voicemail Cost-Effective?

The technology that delivers a ringless voicemail actually lives in the telephone system. Using ringless voicemail, a company can send thousands of voicemails that would take a call center hundreds of hours of call time - meaning hundreds of hours of payroll and overhead. Once a customer receives a ringless voicemail, they are free to return the call at their convenience and connect to live agent rather than engage in a conversation for which they do not have the time or patience. A call coming into a live agent is by definition a “warm call.” The customer is warmed up and primed to hear the message that the agent is ready to give them, the ringless voicemail has had the effect of generating a hot lead.

Work that Content

The more engaging and relatable your marketing message, the greater the ROI you will generate. ChaseData’s Ringless voicemail service eliminates the need for expensive voice actors because we have eliminated the need to record a message. Our ringless voicemail’s “actor/actress” is a Google Deepmind trained artificial intelligence natural speech synthesizer. That was a mouthful but what does that mean to your business? You simply type in the message, add variables like name, time, etc. from your contact list and our system reads the message in a natural human voice. The system supports over 14 languages and variances – complete with localized accents (for example English can be spoken with an American, UK or Australian accent) and offers an incredible level of customization. You can literally leave a unique message in each voicemail box without ringing a single phone.

You, ChaseData and AI can do it!

For almost 20 years ChaseData has worked to bring businesses large and small across a diverse range of industries call center software that suits their needs, keeps up with compliance issues, and offers dynamic new features. No matter what type of call center or industry, ChaseData has solutions on tap in addition to 24-7 support, state-of-the-art security, built-in encryption, and other features that ensure a good customer experience, and agents with all the tools they need. Get in touch today and schedule a free demonstration, let us find out what your unique needs are and custom craft a ChaseData call center solution that covers all the bases. Let your agents test drive our software, integrate all their favorite apps, and see just what your call center operation has been missing.




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