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Reducing Call Center Agent Burnout with Automation

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Jan 8, 2020 7:30:00 AM

Call center agent burnout

Call center agent burnout is one of the most common problems in the industry. The fast pace and demanding schedule of an agent’s position can be enough to overwhelm those who are not accustomed to the work. Likewise, while the work is quick-moving, it can also be tedious and tiresome to the mind.

How can you make your center different? How can you decrease the problem of call center agent burnout, without sacrificing productivity and profit? Here are some winning strategies for doing exactly that through automation- your contact center’s best friend for reducing turnover:

Eliminate Overwork Through Automation

One of the biggest factors in burnout for call center agents is feeling overworked and stressed. The kind of work that is performed in call centers does lend itself easily to that kind of stress. However, overworking your agents is something that is entirely preventable.

Automation can help you combat feelings of overextension in your agents. Many of the smaller, more menial tasks that can lead to agents feeling overwhelmed at work can be handled by automated programs. This means that agents are free to focus on real, human interactions and making genuine connections - and they are also far less likely to feel overworked and overwhelmed by their task list.

Make Scheduling an Interactive Process

In many call centers, agents feel like they are simply a number on a list. In few areas is this more prevalent than in scheduling. When you have a large staff, it can be easy for them to feel like their voice is unheard when it comes to creating schedules that work for everyone.

Change this with interactive technology that allows for agent contribution to scheduling. Allow agents to make additions or changes to their schedules as needed. Create an environment that fosters feelings on interaction and personal responsibility from agents. They will be happier with their schedule - and more likely to show up to work and be productive.

Allow Agents to Work From Home

Another way to give agents the power to change their work experience is to allow them to work remotely. The freedom to work from home is something that many agents will see as an incentive. You can harness this to encourage agents to do better now for the potential to work remotely later.

Does having a remote workforce improve or decrease productivity? When you have a remote agent who is well-trained and well-equipped with the necessary technology, it can greatly increase productivity. This is because your workforce can easily be scaled to meet changing needs. It can also empower agents to work on days and at times that they otherwise might not be available because of transportation or other concerns - and help to flesh out your workforce during those times.

It is important to provide your agents with the tools and technology that they need when you are allowing them to work remotely. Today’s remote call center agent software allows your team to collaborate regardless of distance. It makes creating a workforce that works for both your agents and your center easier.

Train Frequently - Without Distracting

What do your on-site agents do when they have downtime? The answer for many call centers is that they do little that benefits them professionally or is productive for the company. While true free time is important in small increments for your agents’ mental and physical health, long stretches of time spent doing nothing can actually be detrimental. It allows minds to wander and attention to become divided.

One of the best ways to remedy this is to offer frequent training opportunities through automation. When software recognizes that an agent is not doing anything, a prompt will be presented that offers a training opportunity. This allows agents to make use of time that they would otherwise be unengaged and keeps information fresh in their minds.

The biggest benefit of these frequent training sessions interspersed throughout the regular workday is that they do not distract from the schedule the way that an out-of-office training session would. Agents are able to learn and grow right from the seats they are already sitting in. Then, they can resume fielding or making calls, all with new knowledge in place. This engagement prevents the monotony that can contribute to burnout.

Foster Teamwork

Did you know that one of the best combatants against agent burnout in the call center is socialization and collaboration? You can provide opportunities for both of these in your center by utilizing technology that allows for teamwork between agents and departments.

Not only will your agents be less likely to become burnt out when they are able to work together this way, but they are also able to contribute to projects that they might otherwise not have a voice in. The technology allows for the intervention of management when problems arise, and also makes sharing ideas - and improving call center approaches- easy and intuitive.

Update Your Technology to Prevent Call Center Agent Burnout

If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to reduce call center agent burnout in your facility, start with your technology. While there are many factors in the burnout equation, several of the most prevalent ones stem from ineffective, outdated, or otherwise subpar technology. When your agents have to rely on this technology, they are more likely to be frustrated, miss target goals, and feel like they aren’t being equipped properly for their jobs.

Sidestep these problems by upgrading your call center technology. When you provide your agents with the tools they need to achieve, they will reward you with increased speed, productivity, and better performance in all areas. See the difference for yourself by improving the technology used in your center this year!

For the best in software and solutions for reducing call center agent burnout and keeping your employees productive and efficient, talk to the industry experts at ChaseData. We can help you make your agents’ jobs easier, so they can focus on being the best possible part of your team. Give us a call today to learn more!


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