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Observations On Maximizing ROI When Selecting a Call Center BPO

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Nov 30, 2015 7:31:00 AM

Observations On Maximizing ROI When Selecting a Call Center BPO.jpg

We offer the observations below as a staring point for planning a migration to Call Center BPO in order to maximize your ROI

  1. Location, location, location matters. Call center operations thrive in locations (specifically states) that offer (a) large labor pools (b) low tax burdens and (c) abundant and affordable commercial real estate costs.  U.S. based call center operations in Florida, Nevada, New York will yield positive marks on all of the aforesaid when compared let's say to California, Oregon or Washington State.
  2. Efficiency counts. While this is a bit self-serving, deploying efficient call center software is critical to ongoing cost control. While the offshore BPO in India, Ireland or the Philippines may offer a lower "total cost per hour" from a labor perspective, their operations more often than not are very inefficient from a technological perspective. Manual processes such manual call capture, rudimentary computer based information access and archaic training/specicalization are common. Modern U.S. based BPOs ubiquitously deploy call center software capable of delivering over 400% increases in outbound contact rates, indound call routing to highly proffient agents and a host of self-service automation functions. The differential savings when calculate in real dollars per hour are astounding when one factors the overage time to resolution and higher sales conversion rates.
  3. Accents & cultural literacy matters. What is a "head office", is your name really Sally, where am I calling? Of your customers are asking these questions - you are not delivering a great service experience. On a recent customer service call I remarked to my my clearly Indian subcontinent based agent, "James, we both know that you name is not James. Why don't you give me your real name because I would hate to begin our business relationship based on a lie." Arjun gave me his name but my post call survey was not scored as "excellent." U.S. based call centers eliminate language and cultural boundaries thus create (when properly managed) a superior service delivery and sales environment.
  4. Every opportunity to interact with your customers impact your bottomline. Of course the caveat here is that these impacts can be of wither the negative or positive type. Companies spend considerable sums to attract and subsequently grow and retain customers. The call center is a front line channel of contact solving problems, building good will and when most effective - growing customer lifetime value. These critical benefits are critical to your firm's success - why send those responsibilities overseas to an agent being paid $300.00 USD per month (in India) and roughly $500.00 USD per month (in the Phillipines). 



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