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MultichanNel Contact Centers: Call Centers Infrastructure Budgets

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Jun 17, 2016 1:38:00 PM

Research shows that your competitors are spending more on voice than any other call center channel. This begs the question, why? Despite the growing popularity of email and social media, customers simply prefer to pick up the phone and speak with a representative. Even in multichanel contact centers, 68% of all communications are typically voice based.

How are your competitors spending their call center infrastructure budgets.jpg



The chart above depicts a recent 2015 survey of over 100 contact center managers, voice (as a communication channel) remains in the number one position once again. Managers cited the increased volume of calls versus other channels (ex. Social media, web chat, email, etc.) as solid indicators of their customers’ communication preference. 2016 budgets and other capital allocations signal a significant increase in voice channel investment.

When creating a strategy of communicating with customers based on their expressed preferences, voice cannot be ignored. Likewise, emerging channels such as social media must also be addressed as part of a successful communication channel mix strategy.



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