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Migration is for the Birds: Quit Reinstalling

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on May 17, 2017 7:30:00 AM

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Anyone who has done it never wants to do it again. First, you get new hardware, then you migrate your current software to the new hardware, then you update, upgrade, tweak, and patch until you’re longing for the days of simple communication by something uncomplicated – like carrier pigeons. Setting up and maintaining your call center should not be an experience that drives you up the wall. If you have a Windows machine, or 10, or 100, we can help you set up a world class call center that is a custom fit for the size of your operation and your industry.


Why Upgrade Call Center Software?


There are a lot of people who are reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10, but if you are sticking with Vista, Windows 7, or even Windows XP, you are probably setting yourself up for a lot of grief. Support for Windows XP was terminated some time ago, and now Microsoft’s most popular operating system is officially obsolete. Support for Windows Vista will be ending this month, expect more than a few dry eyes as Windows Vista was Microsoft’s least popular operating system since Windows ME. Everyone has mercifully forgotten Windows 8, except for those who purchased a computer with that operating system, and almost immediately reinstalled Windows 7. Unfortunately for those clinging to their beloved Windows 7, there are deep security issues that are can’t be patched and may leave machines vulnerable, and support will end in 2020. Once you have a secure operating system in place, upgrading to a better level of call center software is going to be a snap.


Cloudy Outlook


Deploying modern call center software is not the hassle that a lot of people dread. Very simply, ChaseData’s software is cloud-based. This means that the software is available to your hardware as a service, with our servers and IT department working the way that yours would. All of your updates are handled for you every time Windows installs an update. If you have ever had to have an IT specialist unravel a bad update, and rollback your machine to a restore point, you understand what a hassle it can be. We take care of this to allow you to focus on your business, instead of on your software and hardware issues.


Rest Easy


At ChaseData, we focus on our core competencies so that you can focus on yours. Our software is cloud-based, customizable, scalable for all sorts of businesses from small to enterprise, across a wide range of industries. One size does not need to fit all when you have the kinds of options that our call center software offers. Whether you are fielding outbound, inbound, or blended call centers we have a solution just for you. All of your upgrades and updates are right in the box. Visit us on the web and find out how easy it is to get a demo, see our wide range of resources, and read some testimonials from our very satisfied customers.


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