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Measuring Call Center Cost Per Call Benchmark

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Mar 21, 2018 7:30:00 AM

call center cost per call benchmark

There’s a need to measure the variables affecting your call center’s profitability. Call center cost per call benchmark is a way to determine if your call center is functioning at its best.

Call Center Cost Per Call Benchmark Standards

It is critical to implement a documented plan to gather the necessary call center cost per call benchmark metrics in order to compare your call center to the industry standards. While it is vital to meet internal goals set, it’s also critical to see how your company compares to global standards.

Average Speed to Answer Calls

This is the average time calls are answered by call center agents in a time period. It includes queue time and ringing time. It does not include the time used by the customer as they navigate through the interactive voice response (IVR) menu. The average global metric is 28 seconds.

Average Service Level

This is equal to a percentage of answered calls during a specific period of time. The global metric for call centers is 80 percent of all calls answered within 20 seconds.

Occupancy Rate Average

This includes the total live call handling time and total time finishing work associated with customer calls. Occupancy Rate’s global metric for call centers ranges from 60 to 80 percent.

Abandonment Rate

This refers to the percentage of callers that hang up before an agent can answer. The global metric across call centers is between five to eight percent.

First Call Resolution

This takes into account the percentage of all calls where the call center agent solved the caller’s problem on the first attempt, without having to escalate to a manager, transfer the caller or call the customer back. The global metric average is between 70 to 75 percent.

Total Call Duration

This refers to the time the call center agent is on the phone speaking with the customers. The call duration global metric is an average of four minutes for every call.

Total Call Wrap-up Time

This is the total time it takes an agent to finish completing the work associated with a call after the call has terminated. The average call wrap-up time is six minutes per call.

Customer Satisfaction Metric

This is gathered through customer service surveys, as well as through quality assurance measurements. The overall global metric is 90 percent for customer satisfaction.

Accuracy of Call Forecasting

In order to have enough agents on staff to manage the call flow, it’s essential for a call center to accurately predict the level of calls to arrive during a specified time period. The global metric is a five percent variance.

Agent Measurements

Adherence to schedule is a measurement of all agents sticking with assigned schedules. The global metric is 95 percent. Agent absenteeism is a measurement of the days agents unable to adhere to assigned schedules, with the global metric measuring five percent. Agent attrition measures the annual turnover rate, which is 15 percent globally.

Advanced Call Center Software

With advanced call center software, your call center cost per call benchmark measurements can be effortlessly managed and collected. Measuring pertinent metrics and KPIs is fundamental to the success of your call center. For a free trial and to experience the full power of ChaseData’s cloud-based call center software, contact a representative today.


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