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Making call center improvements that impact the ROI

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Apr 5, 2017 7:30:00 AM

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You’d be amazed how many call centers don’t understand how much benefit they could realize from modernization and making call center improvements. Yes, working off a PBX system is very inexpensive, often costing just dollars a day to operate. However, if you are looking at efficiency, you could be losing a lot more than you ever realized. Everyone understands the conversion, and the more people you get in the top of the funnel the more closings you will have the bottom. Getting those prospects into the top of the funnel requires an investment, but it also promises a return.


Not Just a Buzzword


ROI means return on investment, and it’s something of a buzzword. It’s easy to dismiss as jargon, but ROI is something that you should consider when you’re thinking of upgrading your calls. Return on investment is a metric used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment and is measured as a percentage where the game from the investment is divided by the cost of the best. It’s really very simple when you weigh an old-fashioned inefficient approach that is nonetheless profitable against a modernized and more efficient approach that brings you more customers and more sales, despite the higher cost.


Small is Beautiful


Even small businesses – with as few as five employees can benefit from a modern call center solution. Small businesses have to use their money wisely in order to grow, and the investment in call center software for a small (or micro or even nano) business can pay back in a big way. It all depends not so much on the volume of calls you’re making now, but the number of calls you want to make. With features like predictive dialing, saved time translates into more calls.


Customer Satisfaction


Happy customers buy more. They come back after a good first experience, and buy again. Making sure that your customer stays out of “voice jail” – the automated voice response purgatory of arcane extension lists and repetitive recordings - can pay off on the bottom line. Managing your customer relationship should be one of the primary reasons to upgrade from your existing system. You will be happier with your sales, your customers will be happier with your service, and your representatives will be happier with the efficiency and ease of the new system. The main thing that customers want from a voice response system is to reach a human, preferably one who can handle their problem quickly and efficiently.


Employee Morale


There’s a huge number of American workers are essentially phoning it in. If you’re running a call center you might not think that’s a bad thing, but it can be a big factor in your bottom line. In 2016 a full 67 percent of workers were not engaged in their work, and 51 percent of them were actively searching for new jobs and investigating new openings. Worse, they have very little faith in their managers. Upgrading your call center software can result in less stressful days for your workforce, more calls, more sales, and more money, resulting in much less turnover. What’s not to love about all that?



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