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Launching a Call Center - How Hiring Veterans Can Benefit Business

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Nov 11, 2019 7:30:00 AM

launching a call center

When you’re launching a call center, you want the best possible team to serve customers and make contact with clients. Regardless of what type of work your facility does, your staff is a vital part of making it happen. When you’re looking for top-notch hires in your location, military veterans may be exactly who and what you’re looking for!

There are so many reasons to consider hiring veterans when launching a call center. Here are just a few:

Veterans Receive Government-Sponsored Ongoing Education

Continuing education is one of the best ways to grow and develop as a person and a professional. However, many adults don’t have the resources necessary to afford ongoing education - especially at today’s prices!

Thankfully, veterans are provided with educational grants that allow them to continue their schooling and even invest in furthering their careers. This investment in veterans on the part of the American government can benefit your business by helping your newly-hired veteran staff members to improve their skills and hone their talents over time, becoming ever more valuable members of your team.

Veterans Are Proven Hard Workers

Being a soldier takes focus and dedication - and a lot of old-fashioned hard work. To be successful in the military environment, soldiers have to be hard workers and dedicated to everything they do. This isn’t just the formula for success in the field, though - it’s the equation for success in the professional environment as well.

When you’re launching a call center, you want to build a staff that you know you can rely on to get things done and to remain task-focused and driven. Few demographics are as suited to this as military veterans.

Military Veterans Take Responsibility Seriously

If you’re looking for employees who take their jobs very seriously, veterans fit that description perfectly. Everything a person does when in uniform for the military is important; everything is representative of your country and government, and everything can impact the lives of others either directly or indirectly. While your position in a contact center may not be so life-or-death, it is still important to do your best - and that’s exactly what veterans will do.

Fewer agent absences and better retention are reported with former service members. These professionals are trained to thrive under pressure in a way that everyday civilians are not, so they are less likely to experience the burnout that often happens to new employees. This helps your business in the short term as employees are better prepared for the demands of everyday operations, as well as helping in the long run with keeping your staff members in their positions and helping them become experienced, seasoned industry professionals.

Leadership is Learned in the Military

No everyone who hires into a contact center is looking to excel. However, the best employees are those that are seeking opportunities to climb the corporate ladder and move through the ranks of your center. This ensures that employees are dedicated to the career path and therefor the job, which reduces turnover and increases employee retention.

Leadership is an important quality in new staffers when launching a call center. You need team members who will help the rest of your staff success, as well as be driven to achieve themselves. Being a leader is one thing that veterans learn during their tenure in the military - and something that they bring with them into their civilian careers.

Veterans are Capable, Independent, Collaborative and Decisive

Because of the environment that the military creates, veterans have plenty of practice as fast learners, decision-makers, and more. They are also perfectly comfortable working through problems on their own or working in teams with others. This balance of independence and collaborative abilities makes the veteran employee unique among their peers.

Decisiveness is important in the professional setting, especially when it comes to working in the contact center. Consumers or clients may ask unexpected questions or raise concerns that employees haven’t been briefed on how to handle, especially shortly after initially launching a call center. Being confident in one’s abilities and knowledge and decisive in nature will help your veteran team members to make important decisions on how to handle these scenarios without having to bring in higher-level management team members every time. This will save your company time and money and make these employees an even more valuable part of your team.

“Mission Accomplished” is a Way of Life for Veterans

When it comes to getting things done, few people are mission-focused like military personnel and veterans. Given that the military is mission-based in its approach, veterans are highly experienced and skilled in making things happen the same way.

When presented with a project or task, veterans are more prepared to solve and complete them. Hire veterans to give your staff the boot of focus and drive that only military experience can provide.

More Staffing Tips for Launching a Call Center

There is more to staffing your center than just knowing the benefits of bringing veterans on board. You need to know that the people you’re bringing into your center are qualified for their positions - especially if they are expertise-based.

Thankfully, veterans boast skills and knowledge from nearly every professional walk of life. Many are trained in the most cutting edge technology, making them well-suited to fill the seats in your center. Remember to ask about these qualifications upfront when hiring to find the best fit for your facility.

You’ll need to ensure that you’re offering your new hires everything they need to be successful, regardless of where they come from and their levels of previous experience. For all the tools and technology you need when launching a call center - and supporting new employees of all kinds - contact the industry experts at ChaseData. We have everything your team needs to outfit your operation properly and hit the ground running with your new facility and staff.


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