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Instant Gratification: KPI Dashboards for Call Center Agents

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Oct 9, 2015 10:32:00 AM

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Central management and supervisor dashboards boards have more than paid for themselves over the years. Have you ever considering leveraging real-time agent dashboards to drive performance? Our clients have found great success in giving agents the ability to see their performance with up to date stats in real-time. What a novel idea! Rather than waiting for the traditional weekly "one on one" management reviews to know how they are performing they can immediately make relevant improvements towards hitting their objectives.

"Do your agents thrive on instant gratification or long term incentives?"


  1. Quarterly sales bonuses (after meeting sales goals)
  2. Weekly sales bonuses (after meeting sales goals)
  3. Daily Spifs/Bonuses (after meeting sales goals)


The truth is that a large percentage of call center agents thrive on instant gratification - making daily SPIFs the leader in our polling. Why not encourage this natural momentum by providing your agents with another instant gratification loop? The agent dashboard not only provides personal feedback but it can also be used to harness another call center propensity - competition. Create a virtual "leader board" ranking agents by performance and watch your SPH (Sales Per Hour), ASA (Average Speed of Answer) and CONV (Conversion) KPIs soar.



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