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Increasing Your Call Center Contact Rate With Local DID

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Sep 6, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Increasing Your Call Center Contact Rate With Local DID

Getting in touch with customers via telephone used to be easy. You call, they pick up to find out who’s calling them. Caller ID complicated things, simply because unless the caller’s number was recognizable, the person you’re calling might not pick up. So, when full ID with the name and number of the business showing turns up, the person you’re calling sees an toll-free or out of area number and again decides not to pick up. Whether you are calling a cell phone or a landline, you’re looking at the same thing – no contact, or straight to voicemail. If you can’t reach the people you need to reach, you are not going to be in business for very long.

How to Increase Your Call Center Contact Rate

Say you have a dozen agents on the phone in a blended call center. They make outbound calls for sales and to service existing customers, and handle inbound calls from customers and advertising responses. If you are buying local DID numbers from a telecom provider, you could end up buying a huge amount of numbers in different area codes. Yes, people are more likely to pick up what looks like a local call, but you’re going to end up blowing through a lot of money for relatively little return. So how to get to the pickup, without spending a hefty chunk of your budget?


Buff It Up

Bring in localized layers of local numbers and share them with your agents. The call center software has segmentation abilities that will route the call to the correct agent and pop the customer information onto their screen. For example, let’s say that you’re a kitchen renovation contractor. You have a customer in the middle of a renovation who is expecting you to install a new wall oven. The oven is supposed to arrive on Tuesday, so your rep calls from what appears to be a local area code. The client is busy and does not pick up, sending the agent to voicemail.


A few hours later, the customer has still not called back, so the software sends a text message from the same number, informs the customer of delivery and asks for a call back to set up an appointment. The customer calls back, reaches the originating agent, sets the appointment, and then brags about how killer your customer service is. As easily as that, you have made a customer very happy, and much more likely to give you a positive review, and even contribute to your Net Promoter Score. 


Connect to a Solution

Quick fixes will work for a while, but then you are back to square one – asking yourself how to get someone to answer the phone. Quick fixes are also, when done in repeat mode – expensive and will have an impact on your profitability. Picking the right solution for your outbound calling is going to save you time, money, headaches, and customers. Call Chasedata for a free trial of your wraparound solution to the dialer blues.


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