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How to Be Sure You’re Paying Every Call Center Agent Properly

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Dec 27, 2018 7:30:00 AM

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Are you overpaying your call center agents? Many call center managers are without even realizing it! While paying your staff adequately and in a timely manner is important, so is keeping your company financially stable. Doing both is about striking a balance in your payroll department.

Here, we look at a few of the ways you can prevent overpaying employees without losing them to turnover – or decreasing the quality of your call center’s work.

Fair Call Center Agent Compensation

Every employee on your payroll deserves to be fairly and accurately compensated for their labor. Not only is it your legal responsibility as an employer to do so, but it is also your ethical responsibility. Neglecting to pay your employees properly will result in people being unable to pay bills, feed their families, and provide for themselves and those in their household as needed.

Ensuring that you’re paying your employees correctly will also boost job satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. Many employees report that while receiving more pay is desirable, working in a comfortable and supportive environment is just as important in their satisfaction with the job. By creating an environment where every staff member know that their work is valued and will be fairly compensated, you do exactly that. Plus, you reduce the likelihood that those employees will abandon their positions, costing the company countless resources in hiring and training replacements.

While it’s critically important to be sure that your employees are being paid correctly for their work, it’s equally important to your company to ensure that they aren’t being overpaid. If an accident happens in payroll management that benefits the employee financially, it might be months or even years before a company finds out. After all, who wants to be the person who stands up and volunteers that they’re being overpaid? Call center management should rely on their payroll solution software, rather than any call center agent to be accurate and honest about how accurate pay rates are.

Fraud Prevention

Many people do not realize just how prevalent payroll fraud is in facilities like call centers. Because of the fact that call centers can be very large, and employees may never actually interact with payroll staff or members of management, perpetrating these crimes can be very easy. Fraud is one of the biggest reasons for financial loss for employers, meaning it’s something that must be addressed when shaping up your center’s financial health.

There are three common ways in which payroll fraud occurs at large agencies such as call centers. They include:

  • Ghost employees – A ghost employee is a term used to describe an employee who is being paid by the company, but who does not actually work for the company. This can take several forms. Sometimes, members of payroll will create a fictional call center agent and bill for their services, even though they do not work for the company and have never provided said services. At other times, payroll managers may use a recently vacated position or even the identity of a former call center agent to continue directing payment to this person. That person does not actually receive any payment, however; the money being directing to the ghost employee is actually being diverted from the attention of the company and used by the payroll members committing the crime.

  • Timesheet fraud – Timesheet fraud is perhaps the most common form of payroll fraud in any company. When agencies allow their employees to keep timesheets and work records on their own, there is a great temptation to lie. After all, a few small untruths can result in a major boost in pay. However, these lies result in big losses for the company over time and can also result in theft and fraud charges for the lying cell center employee.

  • Employee misclassification – This form of payroll fraud is often committed by the management or payroll management of a company. Certain types of employees do not have to be compensated the same way as others, and some of these employees don’t require tax information to be kept on their pay. When an agency knowingly deceives the government by misclassifying their employees – and therefore not providing the government its due – this is a crime that can have serious repercussions.

Preventing all of these types of fraud will not only help you avoid overpaying or misusing company funds, but it will also keep you from perpetrating a crime!

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Accurate Tax Record Keeping

Of course, one of the biggest priorities that any call center has is keeping accurate financial records to ensure that tax season goes well. You can’t hope for your filing to be quick and easy if you don’t keep adequate records throughout the year. Your call center payroll solution software should be capable of doing this for you, all while maintaining daily operations at your facility.

What type of withholdings are you responsible for? What kind of reporting will be required of your company, come tax time? How have your employees been paid, and to what extent are you accountable for how that money was used? All of these are important factors inaccurately preparing and filing your company’s taxes – and all of it can be handled by a reliable, automated payroll management software solution.

Doing It All with Good Cell Center Software

How can you ensure that all these figurative bases are covered? How do you make payroll a simple and seamless part of your facility’s everyday operations? By integrating a reliable software solution.

At ChaseData, we offer a wide range of software solutions designed to help you run your call center with the utmost efficiency and productivity. Using these software solutions will help you ensure that every call center agent is fairly compensated – all while keeping your company’s money where it belongs.

Contact us today for more information on available software and find the system that is right for your facility. We’ll help match you with software that will make your money move the way you want it to – and give every person on your payroll a reason to be glad to be there


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