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How Outbound Predictive Dialers Can Drive More Closed Deals

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Dec 18, 2018 7:30:00 AM

outbound predictive dialer

As you know if you work in or manage an outbound calling center, time is money. This is undeniably true when it comes to effective outbound calling, since every connection your agents make can mean a potential sale closed or contact made.

When you want a dialing solution that will help you strike the right balance between productivity and efficiency in closing sales and making deals, you want an outbound predictive dialer. Here’s why:

Advantages of an Outbound Predictive Dialer

The most important part of an agent’s job is speaking with the consumer. Regardless of what they are selling, soliciting, or otherwise pitching, your agents make their and your company’s money from the connections and conversations made with the people they call.

Getting to that all-important part of the job is the goal of every other task your staff complete during the day. Following up after calls, recording information, preparing for the next call and undergoing the dialing process are all steps in making the next call happen. Essentially, every minute your agent isn’t on the phone, they’re preparing to be – that’s how important conversations are for your team!

So, how does a good outbound predictive dialer improve your operations? A good dialer facilitates and optimizes connections made between your consumers and your agents. These programs do this by:

  • Cutting down on wasted time between calls
  • Making faster connections to contacts
  • Boosting the number of contacts that a single agent can make in a work day
  • Improving the connections between agents and contacts
  • Fostering more meaningful connections between agents and contacts

Outbound predictive dialers can do more than just connecting agents to working phone lines, though. In fact, today’s best dialer solutions must do more in order to help the companies that rely on them to remain competitive. Some other features you may see in great outbound dialers include:

  • Call recording and notation. Documenting calls allows agents to review their performance and improve.

  • Easy reporting tools. Supervisors like to know what happened on a call. With integrated reporting tools, agents can let them know with little more than a single click.

  • Contact management. The list of contacts provided to your agents should be regularly updated and refreshed, regardless of your industry. A good dialer integrates this directly into its operations features.

Real-time optimization for agents and supervisors is also often available through these programs, allowing dialers to learn from current workforce data and improve the connections made in the future based on this information.

outbound predictive dialer

Problems a Good Dialer Helps You to Avoid

An outbound predictive dialer doesn’t just help you make meaningful connections with contacts. It also helps you avoid the many potential pitfalls of outbound calling. These include:

  • Bad numbers. This is a common issue for call centers with large contact lists. Numbers move in and out of service on a daily basis. The same numbers that once belonged to great leads may now be dead ends and calling them will be nothing more than a waste of time. A good outbound predictive dialer will prevent connections made with bad numbers and can even eliminate them from the list for future consideration.

  • Full voicemail inboxes. Whether a number is in working order or not, if the voicemail box is full, you won’t be able to get in touch with the client or contact. Avoiding a full mailbox has a serious time-saving advantage. Instead of waiting on the voicemail greeting to play out and prompt you to leave a message – only to receive a notification that there’s no room for you to do so – a good predictive dialer moves on to the next client as soon as it gets an indication that it has met with a voicemail inbox. Whether you have to indicate this manually for your program or it is capable of recognizing it on its own will depend on the type of program you choose and your management’s individual preferences.

  • Busy signals. Another big problem is a busy signal. When your agents hit a busy signal, they end up wasting precious seconds on a useless connection. While this may not sound like much, those seconds add up quickly – especially when you factor in the many agents you work with every day. To prevent that loss of precious time, use a solid dialer program to disconnect or avoid busy lines altogether.

  • Wasted time. This is perhaps the biggest drain on your company’s resources. As we covered earlier, nowhere is the phrase “time is money” truer than in the world of outbound call center operations. Every minute your agents are engaged is another potential opportunity for connection and engagement that could lead to a sales or admissions decision. Cutting down on wasted time means reducing its negative impact on your company’s bottom line.

Closing the Deal – Better and More Often

Call centers should always labor to offer the best possible customer service, but at the end of the day, conversion is king. Closing the deal is the ultimate goal of every call you make in outbound calling, so having technology on your side that helps facilitate that is important.

At ChaseData, we offer numerous solutions for outbound call management, including highly-efficient predictive dialers. Our dialers are designed with your company in mind – and your bottom line, too. Make more connections, connect faster and make your connections more meaningful than ever before by upgrading or replacing your current dialer system.

Whatever your company’s needs are for dialing and consumer interaction, we can help you meet them – and exceed their expectations. Surpass your goals and close more deals with solid dialing technology and see just how much your business can grow in the coming year.

There are many reasons to lean on an outbound predictive dialer for your call center’s dialing needs. Contact us today for more information about a solution that will work as hard as you do – and help you close twice as many deals!


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