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How a Predictive Dialer System Improves Efficiency and Sales

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Jun 26, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Predictive Dialer System

Don’t blame your agents, and don’t blame your managers for low call volume. Instead, take a look at your dialer and be honest. How long have you been using your current system? When was the last time you upgraded? What are your current KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for agents and for the operation as a whole? It might be time to bring in a front to back call center solution and upgrade to a five-star predictive dialer system.

Smile and Dial is as Dead as Rotary Phones

Once upon a time outbound dialing was done by hand on either a rotary-dialed or touch-tone phone. The agent in charge of making all these outbound calls generally sat surrounded by a stack of telephone books. Call log was handwritten but the agent, too. Later on a machine called the autodialer came along, still analog, and more efficient for dialing, but not very efficient in terms of connecting to a customer. Files were kept in Rolodexes or on 3”x5” index cards. However, as technology evolved, so did the use of computers in call centers, and the use of varied types of auto dialers. Until recently, the use of predictive dialers required a big server on the premises, but now with cloud-based applications, a predictive dialer can be off the premises, but within the budget for a small or medium-sized call center.

Predictive Dialer System

What Is a Predictive Dialer System, and What Can It Do?

A predictive dialer is not just another autodialer. A predictive dialing program is capable of dialing, classifying, and then assigning the calls to the available or most appropriate agent by skill set. The call is then sent to the agent without the agent having to lift a finger in order to dial. When integrated with CRM and LMS software, it’s much easier to manage a customer database, import leads, and keep an eye on important call-center KPI. Let’s break down the advantages of a predictive dialer.

  1. Increased talk time. The more time that agents spend on the phone with clients, the more sales are going to be generated. With a predictive dialer, the call goes to open agent who can then begin speaking on a personal basis with the caller when the information pops on their screen.

  2. Decreased idle time. Idle time between calls one of the biggest time eaters. Whether it is entering notes into their CRM, or just not wanting to dial another number, agent idle time needs to be reclaimed. Using a predictive dialer, agents have a deep reduction in idle time and increase in talk time.

  3. Fewer lost leads. With less advanced auto dialers, there is always the chance that the dialer will reach a party only to have a delay in transferring a live agent. During this time, the caller will usually hang up if nobody is immediately on the other end of the line. Using a predictive dialer system transfers the call immediately on pickup, allowing the retention of that customer.

  4. Fewer dud calls. No leads list is perfect. There will always be disconnected, incomplete, or inaccurate numbers that do not lead to a live call. Likewise, some numbers will lead to busy signals, voicemail, and fax machines. A predictive dialer system makes sure that these dud calls are never routed to an agent, thus increasing the amount of time that agents spend on live calls.

  5. Faster than manual. If agents are still dialing manually, figure that it takes about 30 seconds to dial each outgoing number. By using a predictive dialer system, that 30 seconds is reclaimed and put back into productive use.

  6. Supervisors get to supervise. Using a predictive dialer system with CRM software means that supervisors can spend more time with agents instead of managing calling lists. By working with individual agents to improve their pitch and service skills, there is an overall increase in quality service per call.

  7. Managers get to have time to manage. Instead of sorting and assigning call lists to individual agents, managers simply enter their new call list and let the system take over. This way managers have time to work with supervisors and agents when they are needed most.

  8. Compliance issues. Weeding out Do Not Call numbers can be difficult considering the sheer number of contacts in the leads. It is important for regulatory compliance that those on the do not call list remain uncalled. Failing to remain in compliance can result in heavy-duty fines.

  9. Integrate lead management software. Leave management software ensures that there are fewer dropped and that leads are developed from names and phone numbers into information-rich files that help agents to fully connect with the customer.

  10. Get them while they’re hot. When live leads are being generated, it is of paramount importance that sales agents be able to connect right away. Inbound sales leads need to be treated like French fries - at their best when they’re at their hottest. These leads should be directed into a predictive dialer system for immediate response.

  11. Smile and don’t dial. One of the reasons for such high turnover in call centers is frustration. Agents are in cubicles for a full shift each day, dialing numbers, getting machines, being blasted through their headset with fax noise, and getting an earful from irate people because the previous agent did not note the request to be removed from the call list. Frustration sets in, then disengagement, and then you need to train another agent.

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