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Get It While It’s Hot: Getting Your Best Leads

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on May 3, 2017 7:30:00 AM

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Here’s a dirty little secret; buying leads for your call center may not be giving you everything that you need. There are any number of companies that claim to sell the best telemarketing leads, but to a large extent you are buying a used car without looking under the hood or taking it out for a test drive. Pretty much every lead company is mining exactly the same data while selling themselves as something new and different.


Three Card Monte


There are still businesses out there who will sell you a list of leads, but it may be full of obsolete or disconnected numbers, fax numbers, or not checked against the Do Not Call Registry. Either way, distributing these leads to your agents will not only demoralize and frustrate them, but it will demoralize and frustrate you once you realize how bad they are. The best leads are the ones that come to you naturally, using your own website, mass mailing, and telephone campaigns. These leads are not cold, or even slightly warm, they are flaming hot. While you may need to purchase these leads at the beginning of your business, you need to cultivate your own organic leads.


Big Data or Big Marketing?


Big data can crawl the web and sift kajillions of bytes to aggregate personal data for sale. One thing it cannot do is provide customer interest in the way that a multipronged marketing campaign can. Getting your name and your presence out there as a brand can boost sales in a way that no list of names and numbers can. Reaching out to customers and getting their interest is the best way to generate leads, but how you respond to those leads can make or break a campaign.


Best Fresh


If you have web forms built into your website, ChaseData can deliver those leads to you hot and ready to go. Prioritizing these leads gives you a chance to get an agent on an outbound call the minute it hits their screen. Basically, leads can go bad very quickly. One of the most recent studies of telemarketing and leads was published in Forbes, and it notes that the odds of getting someone on the phone are very high if the call is made within five minutes of receiving an organic lead. 30 minutes after receiving the lead probability of getting someone on the phone falls off a cliff, with your agent 100 times less likely to get someone on the phone.

After five hours, that contact becomes 3000 times less likely. You can pretty much kiss it goodbye.


Streamline Your Operation


Get more organic leads and get them to your agents faster by prioritizing live inbound leads over other types of leads. A lot of people will tell you that telemarketing is just a numbers game, but it’s also a quality game. It’s very much like the GIGO rule of computing; when you put garbage in, you get garbage out. Improve the quality of your leads and quickly prioritize your own organic leads with ChaseData call center software.




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