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Five Important Inbound Call Center Training Tips

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Apr 4, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Five Important Inbound Call Center Training Tips

Customer service representatives are the “face” of every call center. Even with the progression of call center software solutions throughout the recent years, everyday operations need to include solid support and ongoing inbound call center training for its agents.

Inbound Call Center Training Tips

As management, it’s your responsibility to ensure your agents are equipped with all the necessary tools to provide your customers with top-notch service. Consider using the following tips in your inbound call center training program.

Onboarding Phase

If there is an absolutely vital stage of inbound call center training—the onboarding phase would be it. Before agents even begin taking live calls, give them proper training. Invest in training materials that will give your agents the knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. These materials should outline precise company procedures and goals.

Make use of previously recorded good and bad calls as examples for trainees. You might want to consider pairing new agents with experienced agents to listen in on live calls. Your agents will be able to gather better insight into actual interactions than just their training documents. Finally, ensure you update your training materials to keep up with the latest industry standards.

Establish Goals

Establish obtainable and measurable goals right from the start. Be certain to communicate these KPIs with your call center agents otherwise they will not be able to strive to meet them. By using a real-time reporting measurement dashboard, these goals can be easily tracked and monitored. With regular updates, managers can keep agents on the course for success.

Taking Live Calls

As your agents begin to take live calls, monitor and offer instant feedback on their progress. By providing on-the-spot advice, you can quickly identify weak areas and give them beneficial criticism. It is absolutely essential to work with your representatives as they get their feet wet.

Even if your agents work remotely, call center software solutions give you the flexibility to listen to calls. This allows you to then provide your agents a better idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

Use The Right Tools

The onboarding phase is difficult enough. Give your agents the right call center support technologies capable of providing customer information at the click of a button, streamlining workflows, and reducing recurring duties that eat away at productivity.

Being a Strong Manager

Set the example by being there for your agents when they encounter a difficult call, have questions, or need additional training. Be their biggest advocate and help them establish their footing in the call center work environment. With the right training, nurturing, and leadership, your agents will be well on their way to taking calls with confidence while meeting their objectives.

Streamline & Maximize Performance

Adapting to keep pace with the latest changes in technology can allow your company to simplify the training process and maximize performance. With the right inbound call center training tools, the entire process results in better retention, job satisfaction, and overall ROI. Learn more by scheduling a free demo with ChaseData, today.


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