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Does a Start-Up Need a Call Center Solution?

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Oct 18, 2019 7:30:00 AM

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These days, it seems like every company has a customer service hotline. Whether the product you purchased doesn’t perform up to standard or the service you paid for isn’t adequate, you can seemingly always contact the customer support line associated with the company you did business with and have your questions or concerns addressed. “Give them a call,” has become a standard conversational response whenever someone complains that something they paid for isn’t meeting their expectations.

But what about today’s smallest, newest businesses? What about the start-ups, the brand-new companies that are hatching from the brains of tech-savvy teen or recent college graduates? What about these micro-businesses, which are almost wholly reliant on things like crowdfunding just to get their start? Do they have the need - or the room in their budget - for a call center solution?

Here’s what you need to know about bringing together the unlikely pairing of the start-up business and the customer service call center - and how today’s call center solution can be made to fit and meet almost any business or consumer need:

Start-Ups: Too Small for Customer Support?

There is a commonly-held idea that businesses that begin in a start-up style and maintain that small business profile are simply too small to benefit from a call center solution. It’s true that for some of these companies, it may seem superfluous to adopt an entire department to handle customer service when a few staff members can do the job - as well as whatever other tasks they are already assigned to handle. However, there are definitely merits to having a dedicated customer service department, even if its only a few people or a single representative.

Giving consumers the benefit of customer service with a representative who is committed to the task of assisting them not only improves their experience, it improves their regard of your company. They are more likely to forgive negative experiences and more likely to return to your business in the future in spite of those negative experiences. This is an invaluable benefit that only good customer service can buy.

Something else to keep in mind for these small businesses is that not all call centers are massive operations. Some are as small as a single remote agent working from an off-site location. Whatever size you need in terms of a customer service department, there is a call center solution that will work for you.

Budget Constraint Issues

Just as many would argue that start-up style businesses are too small to benefit from a dedicated customer service or support department, so too would many people claim that the budgets of these tiny businesses simply aren’t large enough to make room for a call center solution. Bringing in the technology, tools, training materials, and additional staff that an on-site customer service department would require could put a major strain on the budget for the majority of these companies. Some might say that outsourcing the task is equally out of the question.

The problem here is that the value of the service isn’t being considered when the cost is being weighed. Yes, there is always an initial investment. However, that investment should be taken as exactly that - an investment in the future of the business, rather than just another expense. It is generally a one-time, considerable cost, with far less expense incurred afterward for operating costs and other associated expenses. Depending on how your customer service solution is staffed, these costs may be virtually non-existent. Speak with an industry expert to determine how to keep your costs as low as possible.

Likewise, the cost of the call center solution that is brought aboard for a small business like a start-up is likely to be considerably less than the cost of a large, dedicated department for a major corporate entity or business. The difference in needs mandates a difference in size, which by nature leads to a major difference in how much hardware, staff, and resulting associated operating and labor costs will be incurred. With that in mind, it may actually be much less expensive to incorporate a call center solution for a start-up style business than many believe. The only way to know an exact estimate is to speak to a software solutions retailer for a quote!

Call Center Solutions That Meet the Needs of Small Businesses

So, now you see that there are customer service solutions that can meet the needs of a start-up style business. But where can you find these solutions? Where can the software and tools to integrate them into your facility’s everyday operations be found, so that you can put these solutions to work for your small business?

Start by speaking to the experts at ChaseData. We have the information you need to find fully-functioned yet scalable customer service solutions for any size and style of business. From large operations to the smallest facilities, ChaseData’s technology solutions have helped businesses of every size and type provide their customers with excellent service and the kind of response they expect in the modern day.

Give us information about how you operate, how many consumers you typically serve on a daily and weekly basis, and what types of goods or services you work with. In no time at all, we will find a call center solution that works for your operation. Whether it is software that allows you to turn your existing staff members into support agents or remote response tools that give you the freedom to deploy an off-site team of assistants, there’s no wrong way to do customer service. As long as your solution is meeting your needs and the needs of your customers, it’s the perfect solution for your business. Talk to the experts at ChaseData today to learn more about finding it!



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