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Customer Service for Generation Z, Are You Ready?

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on May 3, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Customer Service for Generation Z

As this planet spins and time passes by, businesses have to be prepared to deliver customer service for Generation Z that meets their unique needs. The key point to remember about this generation of consumers is they grew up as technology began to burst at the seams.

They understand how to navigate websites and social media with a few clicks of a button. Previous generations, especially Baby Boomers, are not quite as savvy as this one. Businesses should consistently work toward a solution that fits the needs of each group. The big question that needs to be addressed: What do you do differently as a business to reach this generation?

Customer Service for Generation Z

The first rule is to never underestimate a group of individuals simply because of age. When it comes to customer service for Generation Z, businesses need to understand the set of needs and wants that pertain to this particular demographic if they expect to gain and retain their loyalty.

Generation Z

Individuals in Generation Z were born between the years 1995 and 2010. They’re also referred to as the Post-Millennials since they were born just at the cusp of the millennium. Unlike previous generations, this group has grown up much differently than the rest.

They’ve grown up globally connected within the digital span and are highly cyber savvy. They learned how to use tablets, smartphones, computers, and the internet before they were even old enough to begin grade school. These learned digital knowledge and interactions have molded the methods in which they interact with businesses.

The Numbers

This generation makes up nearly 25 percent of Americans and is predicted to reach about 40 percent by 2020. According to studies, 81 percent of Generation Z consumers are making purchases on their own, 59 percent made at least one purchase via a mobile app this past year, and 46 percent insist data security and privacy are necessary to retain their business.

Many individuals from this generation already show a high level of financial responsibility. Between 72 to 77 percent track finances and have checking/savings accounts. They take advantage of mobile wallets like Apple or Android Pay, while about 43 percent already make purchases on their own with a card branded checkout solution.

Customer Service for Generation Z

Identifying Solutions

In this day and age, individuals have come to expect information to be at their fingertips ready to be digested as quickly as possible. There is a demand for advanced call center solutions that can keep up with the evolving changes of this generation. However, it’s not solely this generation that needs to be addressed. All generations deserve to have information delivered efficiently and clearly.

Excellent Service

Even though customers have expected competent customer service all along, it’s essential for businesses to recognize that flawless customer service for Generation Z clients is absolutely expected. They’ve come to anticipate this quality of service across social media, email, and traditional calling methods. Hosted dialer solutions can improve this area of your business with a variety of technologies tailored according to your needs.


Being available 24/7 goes hand-in-hand with stellar customer service. Chatbot integration is a useful solution that grows steadily in popularity every day. Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence (AI) technology that utilizes machine learning in conjunction with thousands of conversation logs in order to understand how to connect questions and respond accordingly.

Mobile Options

This group of consumers is used to communicating online and prefers a seamless online navigation. Being provided with an option for mobile communication is not a bonus feature. Delivering customer service for Generation Z via mobile messaging is crucial for every business to offer their clients. This generation also doesn’t find text messages, mobile notifications or offers to be infringing on their personal space.


There’s no doubt about it. Security is absolutely critical to Generation Z. If they feel they can’t trust you with their personal information while being clear as to how their data is being used, then you’ll lose their business to another company that will be transparent. Exchanging data for something they want isn’t a big deal so long as the company is upfront about their intentions.


Generation Z has less patience and expects things to be done faster, as in yesterday. This is also known as instant gratification. Make no mistake about it. This generation is largely the reason companies began to push for the ability to make purchases through social media or chat apps, chatbot assistance, payment via a watch, etc.

This expectation is definitely not limited to a sluggish website. If your business website lags when loading, you can expect your visitors to hit the back button and go elsewhere. In fact, even a slow response time in an online chat or on social media can cause a Generation Z customer to switch to another company.

Reputation Matters

Be real and honest. Generation Z tends to care more about the reputation and brand image than previous generations. If negative news about a company or product is discovered, they’re more likely to stop using the company’s product or services. For instance, if a company is found to have engaged in deceitful tactics that take advantage of their customers or is highly offensive, then their street cred is ruined—especially if they do nothing to rectify the situation.

Customer Service for Generation Z

Ask Them

If your company is looking for ways to improve customer service for Generation Z, all you need to do is ask them. Again, unlike previous generations, they are happy to tell you exactly what they want or to work with you to find a workable solution. They understand a solution won’t be found if they wait for things to happen. They also have a firm grasp of reality in the sense that they are more aware. As such, what better way to make things happen than by taking action themselves?

Improve Customer Service for Generation Z

By integrating your call center with beneficial call center solutions and providing top-notch agent training, you can guarantee you’re prepared to deliver the best customer service for Generation Z. For a personalized assessment of which call center solutions can make your business more efficient and improved overall, contact ChaseData for a consultation, today.


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