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Creating Super-Agents - The Power of the Individual in Your Call Center

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Oct 11, 2019 7:30:00 AM

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Even the best call center agents need a tune-up every now and then. Whether they need a training refresher course or support from management in meeting their goals, there are numerous ways you can assist your agents in smashing previous records and achieving more than they ever have before.

Think you already have a stellar team of call center agents? Perhaps. But here are a few secrets from industry insiders on how to take your team from good to super-agents!

Give Call Center Agents the Freedom to Participate in Their Own Growth

When an agent is free to set their own goals or contribute their own ideas for their improvement, you are more likely to see them follow through with it. There are many ways to encourage this, but perhaps the most effective is simply having a one-on-one meeting - or small group, if your center is too large to allow for anything more intimate - between a supervisor and an agent to discuss goals, ideas for growth, strengths, and weaknesses.

This kind of performance review is typical in most businesses, but turning it into a positive rather than something to dread can create an environment in which your agent is excited to improve.

Spotlight Top Performers

Want great performance to become contagious? Highlight it by sharing instances of best practice with your entire team.

When an agent is “caught being good”, share their performance with the rest of your team. Look for instances of stellar performance and behavior, so that when others see this being recognized, they will strive for the same.

Bring on Agent “Spokespeople” at Leadership Team Meetings

Not only does this offer agents the opportunity to voice their concerns in front of an audience of management team members, but it also gives your team leaders the chance to hear these concerns directly from the perspective of call center agents. It can be easy to forget these everyday struggles when they are no longer yours. Bringing in an agent or a team thereof to act as a spokesperson for their peers can offer a fresh perspective - and can also encourage and empower the agents to speak their minds and share their thoughts and feelings with supervisors and managers more frequently.

Consider a More Flexible Schedule

Agents often feel more empowered when they feel more in control of their work environment. This includes the hours that they work. While it isn’t always possible for you to allow your agents to create their own schedules from the ground up, giving them more freedom with the days and times they work - or when they are in the office - can be very rewarding for both the agents and your bottom line.

Consider rewarding top performers with the option to work remotely. This reduces labor costs and can also boost productivity. Many agents find this setup desirable and will work harder to achieve this opportunity.

Use a Recording Solution to Help Agents Provide Their Own Feedback

Few things are as valuable as observing our own past performance with a critical eye toward improvement. This is something that athletes, artists, performers, and many other professionals do every day. It should be something that your future super agents do as well.

Implement a recording system that works automatically, so your call center agents never have to stop and think about hitting record before or during a call. This not only streamlines the process, but prevents them from “chickening out” if a call might not be going the way they would like it to. After the conclusion of a call, the audio will be available for them to listen to and analyze, self-critiquing and looking for opportunities to improve.

Encourage - and Reward - Agent Contributions

Many call center agents feel as if they have no voice in their centers. In a crowd of hundreds or even thousands of faces, who are they to their management teams? When you encourage their contribution to projects, the answer can shift from an uncertain one to a positive one.

An example of encouraging contributions might be a company-wide call for them via email or posted signs, or an announcement at a meeting that your management team is seeking new ideas. Those who contribute might receive a small reward for doing so, while those whose ideas are implemented might receive a much larger one. This kind of reward system keeps your employees interested in interacting with management and keeps new ideas coming in - a win-win situation!

Offer Support to Every Member of Your Team in Achieving Goals

One factor that many call center agents report being pivotal to their success in achieving their goals is the encouragement, support, and assistance of their management team. While you may not always need to “hold the hand” of your agents through the processes you’re training them in, it is important to always be available to help when needed.

Being available does more than provide assistance for agents who might be struggling. It shows your staff that you care enough to be involved and be there for them. That kind of encouragement is something that can motivate under-performing call center agents to achieve more and reach for goals they hadn’t even considered before!

Outfit Your Facility with the Right Tools and Technology for the Tasks at Hand

Your call center agents can’t perform at their best with tools that don’t function properly. Outdated technology is one of the worst problems that many contact centers face - and it’s one of the easiest to solve.

If you’re looking for an easy way to empower your agents and take individual performance from mediocre to superstar levels, consider upgrading your software or other technology this year. At ChaseData, we have the solutions your center needs to function at its best and the tools to help your agents skyrocket their performance. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you help your agents excel!


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