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Cold Calling Tips and Tricks for Landing More Sales

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Oct 24, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

There’s a reason many people shy away from sales jobs. No matter the market, working in sales can be tricky. When cold calling is your company’s technique of choice, it can be even harder to realize growth and achieve sales success – but it’s certainly not impossible.

Here are some cold calling tips and tricks that will help you improve your numbers from top to bottom:

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Some tips for improving cold calling apply to any industry in which the technique can be used. Some cold calling tips and tricks that will work for you no matter who you’re calling and why include:

  • Don’t let rejection frighten or discourage you.

Rejection is perhaps the biggest fear of those who are working in a field that requires cold calling. Even those with a great deal of experience wrestle with the negative feelings that rejection brings. However, experienced – and successful – cold callers also understand that every rejection is an opportunity to learn and grow.

If your call recipient shuts you down quickly but politely, ask them why they aren’t interested. Appealing to them personally by letting them know that you’re genuinely interested in learning how you might be able to help them or someone like them in the future may give you an opportunity to at least turn the rejection into a learning opportunity. They’re more likely to talk – and perhaps even listen – if you speak to them with humanity.

If your recipient is rude, it may be time to chalk your experience up to being “all in a day’s work” and making the best of the situation. Many cold callers keep notes of the worst or funniest rejections they’ve ever experience to reflect on later during meetings with coworkers. This leads to growth and camaraderie among the team – and better calls in the future.

  • Get technology on your side.

Some of the tasks you’ll take on every day as a cold caller will be tedious and time-consuming. That can be risky to your goals and bottom line, since wasting time means making fewer meaningful calls.

Today’s callers have a plethora of technology at their disposal that can help them make more and better calls every day. At Chase Data Solutions, we have the technology your employees need to succeed in cold calling – no matter what industry you’re a part of. Contact us for more information about the tools you need to take the tediousness out of your work day and create an environment that fosters success.

  • Scripts should be followed like an actor, not a computer.

People can tell when you’re being disingenuous. No one wants to feel like just another number on a list, so when you’re speaking to a call recipient, talk to them the way you would talk to any other person. Think of yourself more as an actor than a robot reciting pre-determined lines; you’ll be amazed at how much better your calls will be received!

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks for Sales Representatives

While cold calling can work for almost any industry in which you need to contact other parties, there is perhaps nowhere that it is more effective than in the field of sales. Here are cold calling tips and tricks that will give you the growing numbers and better results you’re hoping for:

  • Time wasted is money wasted – for you and your call recipient.

Not making the most of the time you have on the clock is dangerous for everyone involved in your line of work. Wasting your own time means fewer calls that you can make – and fewer sales you can land. Wasting your consumer or call recipient’s time means upsetting them or increasing the chances of rejection. It’s important to focus on making the most of your time, on every call you make and in the moments in between.

  • Quality and quantity should be balanced.

Yes, it’s important to make a lot of calls. The more calls you’re able to connect, the more calls you’re likely to see success during. However, it’s important to balance call quantity with quality. Anyone can make call after call, uncaring about how well those calls are received. It takes a sales agent who really cares about their job to take enough time with each call to make it effective – while also keeping time and call quantity in mind. Balance is the key to success, and nowhere is that truer than in the balancing act between how many calls you can make and how meaningful those calls are.

  • Learning from every dial is how you’ll become a great salesperson.

No one becomes a successful sales agent overnight. Even those who seem to have a natural talent will have continuous learning to undergo. The thing that sets great salespeople apart from those who are more mediocre is the desire to learn. Treat every call as a chance to learn more about your line of work, about your consumers or business contacts, and about yourself. Every time you learn, you improve – and before you know it, you’ll be better at this whole cold calling thing than you ever imagined you could be!

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Cold Calling Naysayers

As you’re probably already aware, there are many people who will tell you upon learning that your company cold calls that the technique is ineffective. They’ll tell you it’s too hard, it doesn’t get results, or that it is an outdated technique in the modern day. The truth is they couldn’t be more wrong about every one of these facts.

Cold calling is actually one of the techniques that is the most time-tested for success and the most versatile in terms of allowing for huge sales success. You just have to know how to utilize it. Those that understand this know that cold calling is far from dead in the modern day. With the use of today’s technology as a support system, cold callers are making more connections – and more sales – than ever before!


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