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ChaseData Call Center Software: A New Kind of 24 Hour Customer Service

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Jun 27, 2016 1:54:00 PM

Business lives in a 24/7 and so does you customer service center. This truth is apparent every morning when customer service agents begin the routine of "calling back" customers who required assistance after hours. The realities of establishing a 24 hour call center used to require physical call center facilities complete with all of the adjacent costs: triple net leases, insurance, utilities, maintenance and of course labor costs for the call center agents. What if there was a better - less costly way?


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ChaseData Call Center Software exists in the cloud and as such is geographically independent. What does that mean? The call center (or agent) can exist wherever a high speed internet connection, computer capable of accessing the internet and an agent exists. ChaseData empowers you to deploy agents across multiple timezones in waves. Effectively creating a dispersed 24 hour call center of remote agents and managers.



Maintain control and 100% visibility of every aspect of the call center regardless of the location of your agents. Management is able to monitor any agent's live call in real time from your management portal. Start and stop campaigns, modify scripts and all other function form the management portal.

Remote Agents

At home agents can be trained and deployed - ready to field these calls effectively. ChaseData's technology empowers call center management to monitor at home agent calls, performing coaching as easily.



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