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Call Center Tips for Dealing With Angry Customers

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Mar 7, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Call Center Tips

Like many businesses, working in a call center has its ups and downs. When an angry customer calls in, it’s essential to follow the call center tips below. These tips will help you reach an effective resolution allowing your customer to walk away no longer angry while you keep your blood pressure low.

Top Call Center Tips

Attempting to calm an angry caller can be a trying task but with these call center tips, you will learn important key factors to keep in mind the next time an irate customer calls in. 

  1. Remain Calm

It takes less than 20 seconds to figure out if the caller is angry or not. If so, take a deep breath and remain calm. The caller isn’t angry with you. Focus on getting to the reason lying underneath the anger so you can solve the situation.

  1. Don’t be Defensive

Yes, it may seem like the customer is attacking you but keep things in perspective. In reality, the individual is merely upset with the company or inadequate company services. During your call center tips training for dealing with angry customers, agents should be taught to use the script designed just for these situations.

  1. Listen to Them

Don’t allow the words to go in one ear and out the other. Don’t interrupt them. Just listen to them. The customer needs to be heard. Practice active listening to keep your head in the conversation so you can address their needs.  

  1. Stick to the Facts

As you’re listening to the customer explain the problem, take notes for when you summarize the situation. Tone down an angry customer by using the facts of the situation. When you can repeat the key points of their problem, it gives them a moment to focus and calm down. Plus, it shows them you’re taking the problem seriously.

  1. Empathize With Them

Nobody wants to be treated like a number. Express your understanding of the situation. Sincerely apologize and repeat back what they’ve told you. It lets them know you heard and understand everything they told you.  

  1. Find a Solution

Believe it or not, customers don’t phone the call center because they’re looking to make trouble or fight. They have a genuine problem they need your help solving. After you’ve investigated and discovered the root of the issue, give them options to solve it. Don’t let them hang up still angry because nobody presented them a solution. 

  1. Don’t Put Them on Hold

If you can avoid it, don’t place the customer on hold. There’s nothing more aggravating than being irritated and trying to be heard—only to be placed on hold in the middle of an explanation. Instead, talk them through the steps you’re taking to solve their problem.

It’s Nothing Personal

Taking calls from upset or irate customers is just another task in the life of a call center agent. It is essential for every agent to learn how to effectively implement the call center tips training for dealing with angry customers. Not only will you be able to help out the customer but you’ll improve the overall outlook on your company and customer satisfaction.


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