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Call Center Software: Tactics for More Effective Holiday Sales Season

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Nov 2, 2015 11:34:00 AM

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According to the National Retail Institute up to 23.8 percent of retail sales are made in the months of November and December. Of course different retail segments experience varying degrees of holiday sales impact but any way you slice it the upcoming holiday shopping season in critical to annual retail sales - regardless of segment: national chain department stores, 15.3 percent; discount department stores, 13.6 percent; apparel and accessory stores, 13.6 percent; electronics stores, 13.4 percent; sporting goods and bicycle shops, 13.5 percent; all retail stores, 10.1 percent.



Five Call Center Tactics during the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

  1. Shipment and delivery notifications. For online retailers, email shipment and delivery confirms are a standard feature in virtually all modern commerce platforms. Integrating your commerce and shipping platforms with our call center software offers new opportunities to increase customer satisfaction. Using our agent less dialing feature notifications of shipment and confirmation of delivery can be delivered with zero agent payroll costs.
  2. Deploy at home / remote agents to handling call bursts. Call volumes increase throughout the holiday shopping season. However, bursts of hundreds and at larger retailers measure in the thousands within seconds are not uncommon. Staffing a physical call center or contracting a BPO to handle these bursts can be cost prohibitive. At home agents can be trained and deployed - ready to field these calls effectively. ChaseData's technology empowers call center management to monitor at home agent calls, performing coaching as easily.
  3. Optimize IVR based on customer priorities. Your customers are now more squarely focused on their orders - your IVR should be as focused. For example, if your call center is receiving a large volume of calls for inventory confirmation, inventory confirmation should be one of the first three options in your IVR flow. In support of this tactic, add a "reason for the call" inquiry at the agent's station. Compile and review these "reason for call" responses on a weekly basis in order (a) optimize your IVR flow (b) drive focused agent training and (c) identify source customer satisfaction bottle necks in the enterprise.
  4. Automate 'back in stock' notifications. Commerce continues to drive retail sales numbers. Integration of your commerce platform with our call center software is a sales volume - force multiplier. Using API integration with your commerce platform Agentless calling can also re-ignite sales from customers who expressed an interest in the SKU but has not completed their purchase (i.e. abandoned carts, wish lists, etc.).
  5. Think proactive not reactive. Every retailer has experienced a run on SKUs combined with an inability of a supplier to deliver replenishing stock within the customers' expected delivery date. Using agent-less dialing, you can notify customers of the out of stock situation before they call you. Moreover, during the same agent less call, the system can deliver an alternative / comparable product that is available within the expected delivery window.



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