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Setting Up Your Call Center Environment for Success

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on May 30, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Creating a better, more successful contact center is a common goal for those in the industry. However, working toward that goal can create some confusion, since there is no definitive guide to setting up your center for success.

While there are many schools of thought when it comes to how to make your center and staff more successful, one of the most well-documented and proven is to begin with improving the environment and morale in your center. Once you have a positive, uplifting environment that your employees are happy to be part of, you’re much more likely to breed success as a result.

Want to know how to start building a successful center of your own? Read on to learn more about fostering a friendly work environment in your contact center - and how it makes for almost certain success!

Start with Your Hiring Process

When it comes to creating a better call center environment, everything begins with the people you hire. With that in mind, it only makes sense that your hiring practices are some of the most important factors in building a successful contact center.

To reduce turnover - and therefore the number of new hires and the amount of training you have to take on each month - it is important to seek out employees who are looking for something more long-term than a temporary position. Look for focused, driven, and upwardly-mobile employees with a desire to succeed and grow within the industry. These are the hires that will help you create a positive environment for themselves and the rest of your staff.

Focus on Improving the Call Center Environment

A positive, supportive, and pleasant work environment is key to success anywhere. This is especially true when it comes to a call center, where work can often be overwhelming or stressful. Creating a better call center environment can have a positive effect that ripples outward to improve all other aspects of business for your company.

Begin by assessing your contact center in its current state. Is your center the kind of place where people like to work? If not, what is missing? What is keeping your staff from enjoying their work days - and what could you change to improve that? Answering those questions can help you create a plan to begin improving your contact center’s environment.

Focus on making your center a place where people have the chance to collaborate and come together, without losing sight of their common, professional goals. This includes team efforts, group projects, team building exercises, and more. Invest in outings, banquets, parties, or other events to keep things exciting and improve morale whenever possible. If your employees have reasons to love coming to work, they’ll have reasons to want to do their best while they’re there.

It’s also important to make your environment a comfortable one that fosters productivity. This includes ergonomic furniture, opportunities for refreshing breaks, and a chance to relax the brain and stretch the legs when necessary. Giving employees breaks as needed and allowing for some socialization in an industry that has a tendency to be isolating can make a world of difference in creating a better and more productive environment in your center.

Keep Things Consistent

No matter what measures you take to improve your call center environment, they won’t be effective if you don’t use them consistently.

Once you’ve implemented measures to improve and enhance your call center environment, be sure to continue those efforts on an ongoing basis. Staying organized can help your management staff to do this. Likewise, organization is a key element to keeping your center running efficiently overall, so staying organized as you work toward a healthier, happier contact center environment can only help along the way!

Maintain Open Communication

Few things are more important in a contact center than communication. This is especially true when it comes to communication between members of management and other employees.

When your lower-level employees know that they can reach out to their management team members at any time and can communicate their concerns effectively, they feel more confident and more comfortable at work. This creates a better workplace environment and better overall morale. Focusing on improving the line of communication in your contact center is therefore of the highest importance.

Good communication skills are a must for agents, as well. They must be capable of communicating effectively, not only with their management team, but with consumers who are in contact with your center. When hiring new agents, always be sure to focus on communication as a skill and train toward the improvement of this talent on a regular basis.

Rely on Today’s Technology to Help You Succeed

Improving your call center environment can seem like a daunting task - especially if your facility is very large or part of a larger network of contact centers. Thankfully, there are numerous companies dedicated to creating technology that facilitates your mission to improve the workplace environment for your employees and your customers’ experience.

There is no virtue in asking your employees to do things manually when you can automate the process and simplify their workday. After all, why ask them to do menial tasks like dialing and directing calls when you could have those processes automated by software programs and let your employees focus on doing more productive things? There’s no reason not to put today’s technology to work in your center - especially when it’s so readily available.

If you’re looking for help setting up your call center environment for success, look to the industry experts at ChaseData. We have the tools and technology your team needs to foster collaboration and cooperation in the workplace and create a better place for everyone to improve and grow. Contact ChaseData today to learn more!


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