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Business Process Improvement With Call Center Automation

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Sep 7, 2015 10:18:00 AM

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So much of our business is the sale and support of very advanced predictive dialing and other call center automation software. Over the years however, we have used our own technology to drive sales, support field support teams, manage accounting and streamline customer support. Our clients too have found innovative uses for call center automation by moving the dialer (and it's supporting ecosystem of features) out of the call center and into operations. See the list below for a series of proven, innovative uses of ChaseData's technologies that have produced remarkable results.



  1. Replace the PBX. Yes, ditch the outdated PBX system with our call center software and keep the IP Phone on your desktop. This allows everyone in the organization to operate on one platform while leverage the power of various automated dialing options. Advanced IVR and intelligent call routing technologies are also introduced into the organization.
  2. Support field sales representatives. Operations with mobile sales people in the field empower those sales people to utilize 'down time' between appointments to quickly follow-up with their accounts or cultivate new accounts. All from their mobile smartphones or Microsoft Surface tablets.
  3. Confirm appointments. This is one of the most popular uses for our call center software at doctor's offices, home improvement companies and more. Any business that relies on appointments can use our call center software in order to confirm more appointments in less time. This frees your office staff to spend more time taking care of your clients, prospecting new business and more.
  4. Support web to phone response sales & customer service applications. Using the dialers "lead injection" technology, clients utilize our forms handler on their web sites to drive customer inquiries into a priority que in the dialer. These calls are given the highest priority for call back throughout the company.
  5. Nurturing customer relationships. Every business has a series of existing customers who are disengaged - with a corresponding drop in revenue. Our few of our clients use our dialers to reconnect and maintain strong relationships with these and other customers. The beauty of the dialer lies in the fact that these relationship calls are scheduled (this fends off procrastination) and generate full reports - including engagement metrics for management.


Once you realize that automating the dialing process (i.e. eliminating manual dialing, mitigating busy signals, faxes, etc.) is simply the most efficient way to reach people via the telephone - the sky is the limit with regards to the applications you can develop using this technology. ChaseData invites you to request a 100% FREE TRIAL of our call center software at your company today.


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