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Blended Call Center Solutions for Your Biggest Problems

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on May 2, 2019 7:30:00 AM

blended call center solutions

Contact centers are some of the biggest employers in today’s job market. This is because customer service and support - as well as sales and collections positions - are jobs that are always on the rise. While other industries struggle, these continue to grow and expand, requiring more and more employees to fill the positions that staff these contact centers.

However, call centers are not without some industry-specific issues. From operating costs to logistics issues and problems with high turnover rates, contact centers all have their individual problems to overcome. Knowing how to address those problems is what makes the differences between a successful center and one that struggles like facilities in any other industry might.

Here, we will examine how blended call center solutions can be the answer to some of your contact center’s biggest concerns.

What are Blended Contact Centers?

Most contact centers are either designated as inbound facilities or outbound. This means that agents handle primarily incoming calls or make outgoing calls to clients, customers, or consumers on behalf of their company.

The primary problem with this is that companies who might need to handle both types of calls may need to invest in the services of both types of facilities. This can be very taxing for a company’s budget - especially for smaller businesses. This is one of the most important blended call center solutions: being able to combine these two types of centers in a single facility and saving the overhead costs of operating multiples.

More Blended Call Center Solutions for Your Facility

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to combine multiple facilities into a single, blended contact center. Just a few of those include:

  • Increasing flexibility and scalability. When you’re operating multiple facilities or even multiple departments, it can be a daunting task to determine how many agents should be assigned to each during specific times or dates. This can get even more confusing and overwhelming during peaks times or days, or during holiday or other busy seasons. Blended call center solutions offer the chance for your agents to move freely between departments or tasks as needed. They also give your management teams the chance to distribute labor accordingly - and the ability to ensure that gaps are always filled and positions are never left without adequate staff coverage.

  • Improving productivity. It’s a misconception that combining multiple facilities into a single, blended contact center will muddy the waters and distract agents from their tasks. In fact, productivity has been shown to be increased in these facilities. Agents are better able to focus on specific tasks and to support one another through collaboration, making productivity an easier goal to achieve.

  • Enhancing forecasting capability. Everything is available in ampler supply in a blended contact center, including the types of information that are used in forecasting and data analysis. This is important because it means that agents and management team members are better able to access the raw materials they need to make smarter predictions and decisions about the future of their business. The fine-tuning that these predictions help business owners and managers to create more efficient, effective contact centers over time - all using data already available to them!

  • Encouraging collaboration. It’s easier for your company’s teams to work together when they are positioned to physically collaborate. Working in the same facility enables this. Blending your contact center creates the opportunity for your agents to forge stronger relationships with one another and with management members - something that your customers will be able to tell from their interactions with your staff. A happy, collaborative staff is an efficient one, so bring on the bonding in your blended center!

  • Opportunities for growth and expansion in multiple markets. When you’re stuck working in only the outbound calling format or handling incoming calls, you are typically also stuck in only one field or industry. By expanding what your company can do in regard to what types of calls they can field, it allows you to enter more markets. This is a great platform for growth and expansion.

  • Higher revenue. One of the best blended call center solutions to a common problem is that blended facilities often help flagging businesses overcome low profit margins and slow growth to become more profitable. Putting your teams into the same center means giving them the chance to work together directly. This, in turn, creates the ability to better redirect calls, handle consumer concerns, and improve customer experience. All of that adds up to more sales, happier consumers, and better business - what more could you want from your blended call center solutions?

  • Better customer satisfaction rates. Happy customers are the backbone of your business. Whether you’re trying to land a sale or keep an incoming caller happy, it’s equally important to stay on your consumers’ good sides. Being part of a blended contact center allows your staff to do this better than separating your facilities would, as your employees are better able to build relationships with one another and with customers.  

blended call center solutions

The Role of Technology in Blended Centers

Technology plays a critical role in the success of blended call centers. It simplifies repetitive or menial tasks, shortens consumer wait times, and automates many processes for call center agents. As important as your staff and their collaboration are to the well-being of your center, so too is choosing the right tools and technology to support it all.

Are you ready to learn more about today’s best blended call center solutions? Contact the experts at ChaseData. We have the modern solutions to help you meet your budget and metric goals and increase productivity, efficiency, and business in the months to come.

Don’t let your center get stuck in the idea of segregated facilities when there’s a better way! Contact us to learn more about blending your center for big benefits today! 


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