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Benefits of Using Hosted Dialer Solutions

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Feb 14, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Hosted Dialer Solutions

The benefits of using hosted dialer solutions can improve your business in multiple ways. Before we dive into the advantages of using a cloud-based dialer, let’s explain exactly how this technology works.

A hosted dialer integrates a sophisticated adaptive algorithm and cloud technology platform that gives small and large businesses the necessary tools to succeed in a call center environment. It provides inbound, outbound, or both types of calls effortlessly from the cloud. Since it is hosted in the cloud, setup and deployment are simple to manage.

Advantages of Hosted Dialer Solutions

The advantages of using hosted dialer solutions include the following:

Increased Sales

By taking advantage of a hosted dialer solution, the number of call connections increases as does call efficiency. As a result of improved call efficiency, customer satisfaction increases. Call center software allows calls to be intelligently transferred to the correct agents.

Better CRM Integration

Hosted dialer technologies are integrated with quality CRM software. It assists in lead management and improves productivity. All customer data is stored along with a full history of call logs and issues for each client an agent has spoken or interacted with. It easily monitors agent activities and produces insightful reporting on the productivity of the call center.

Better Metrics

When using hosted dialer solutions, you get to see real-time reporting that tracks your campaigns. It allows you to see what works and which areas could use improvements. Having these reports is critical when you need to identify where you to improve productivity and sales. It allows managers to make immediate changes for better optimization.

In addition, the power of data can’t be overlooked. The adaptive algorithm gathers customer data and optimizes it for follow-up management. This lessens the burden of sorting through unmanageable data by sorting into far more manageable resources.

Cost is Low

Not only are the hassles of setting up and managing dialer solutions marginal but so is the out-of-pocket expenses. Cost is minimal to set up when compared to traditional dialers. It is scalable and flexible enough maintain the cloud-based technologies according to the needs of your company. Not only that but you tend to only pay for what you need, which is per user. The best part is the return on investment tends to be faster when you take advantage of hosted dialer solutions.

Safe and Secure

Your provider is responsible for the safety of your system’s data, which means you can be certain your clients’ data is secure under their protection. In fact, it’s probably safer in their hands than in your own.

Sophisticated Technologies

Hosted dialer solutions allow you to connect with customers across states and time zones. It also gives you the capability to allow staff members to work remotely, cutting back on your overhead expenses for a physical workspace.

Powerful Hosted Dialer Solutions

Each effort in the call center environment is measurable and capable of being improved to bring the best services to your customers along with a high return on investment. With powerful cloud-based hosted dialer solutions, ChaseData offers flexible call center technologies that can be tailored to meet your company’s needs and bring you to the next level.



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