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Benefits of Using Automated Call Handling & Distribution

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Apr 19, 2018 7:30:00 AM

automated call handling

Using an automated call handling and distribution system gives your company the necessary call center hosted dialer solutions to efficiently manage calls without needing human intervention for each and every one.

Automated Call Handling & Distribution Benefits

Automated call handling and distribution is a practical approach to managing high call volumes while reducing the associated operating costs. The calls are routed to the appropriate agent based on a pre-determined algorithm. It usually includes an interactive voice response system (IVR) along with a self-service option. 

  1. Better Routing

Every incoming call is routed to a department or agent depending on the criteria entered by the caller. Calls are always transferred to the appropriate call center representative. By capturing a caller’s information in the IVR, it reduces call transfer and call handling time. Additionally, calls are automatically routed to the next available agent. 

  1. Streamlined System

Along with custom integrations and a CRM platform, agents can access customer information in a single location, engage with clients in chat apps, easily update information, and much more with a streamlined system that allows each team to work better together. 

  1. Productivity Increases

By taking advantage of an automated call handling and distribution system, call center agents will handle incoming calls more effectively. Calls reach the correct agents, who then also have a chance to see the customer’s history before taking the call. When agents are prepared for their next caller, it leads to a more productive interaction with the client. 

  1. Reduced Overhead

By reducing the call transfer time and possible mistakes; it improves the likelihood of first call resolution. Clients will be able to have their questions answered or problems solved without the need to be transferred elsewhere. Fewer mistakes, transfers, and call wait times reduces overhead, which means higher revenue. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Callers do not enjoy being transferred to multiple agents or being left to sit in the queue for long periods of time. If the estimated wait time is lengthy, callers can be given the option of a call back so they can go on with their day instead of listening to elevator music while they wait. Automated call handling and distribution systems simplify the process by ensuring each client is in the correct queue and is transferred to the right agent. Customers who feel appreciated walk away much happier. 

  1. Different Locations

Calls are never missed due to someone stepping away for a break because calls are easily transferred to customer service representatives spanning multiple locations if necessary. Agents are able to take calls from different time zones, addressing the demand for a variety of business hours, and allowing the business to work together as a unit.

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Automated call handling and distribution systems are critical to the success of call centers across all industries. With calls being quickly and efficiently routed to the correct departments, agents can focus on the task at hand—tending to the clients. If your company is looking to streamline the call handling process, request a free demo with ChaseData, today!


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