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Staying on Top of Agents with a Call Monitoring System

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Aug 6, 2019 7:30:00 AM

call monitoring system

Have you ever wished you could hold your contact center agents’ hands throughout their days and guide them through their calls and daily operations to improve their performance? Just imagine how much more could get done and how much better things would be! With today’s technology - like the call monitoring system and other advancements - that kind of guidance isn’t a dream. It’s a reality that many contact center management teams are using to create better, more productive teams and happier customers.

What is Call Monitoring?

Call monitoring software is programming specifically designed to allow your management team members to listen in on and record calls. This may sound straightforward and simple, but there are so many uses - and so many benefits - to this technology that it has become indispensable to the modern contact center.  

Another name for call monitoring is call listening. When calls can be listened in on, they can be silently monitored to ensure quality standards. This allows does not disrupt or take away from anything the agent is doing and is not noticeable to the consumer, but it does provide ample opportunity for the management team member to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses that can be used for improvement purposes.

Calls can also be interrupted. These interruptions can be across both lines - disrupting the entire conversation - or can be kept to a single line, only audible to the agent. This is sometimes referred to as call whispering or call barging, and allows for guidance that can improve the call while it’s happening, rather than the agent having to wait until a future call to improve their performance.

Recorded calls can be analyzed - often with the same software that is used to record them. This means that they can be dissected and the information that is gleaned from them can be used to improve future agent performance and customer experience.

How Does a Call Monitoring System Benefit Your Center?

How does implementing a call monitoring system benefit your contact center? There are actually multiple benefits, including those for your agents, your consumers, and your overall business. Let’s explore each of these to see just how many benefits you can enjoy when integrating this technology into your center’s everyday operations.

First, there are benefits for your agents. The fastest learners are those who receive feedback from management team members who listen to real calls they’ve made and give them pointers based on those calls.

Agents are able to work right away without disruption while supervisors are able to collect information from their calls in real time to provide this feedback - all without taking away from the ever-increasing quality of their work. Call center agents who experience call monitoring are shown to provide better customer service and experiences to their callers over time - and to be more productive, as well.

Management team members benefit, too. Call monitoring makes it easier and faster than ever to train new call center agents. Feedback is easier to deliver, information is simple to gather, and agents and consumers don’t have to be disturbed during calls while listening takes place - unless a management team member decides to do so.

Those within your contact center aren’t the only ones enjoying the perks of a call monitoring system. Consumers are also benefited. Not only do they receive better customer service and experiences through the improved agent performance delivered by monitored calls, but management team members are able to gather consumer feedback directly from customers themselves. This gives a more direct line between that feedback and the people who can do something meaningful with it. This gives every consumer the power to do more with their words than ever before - without any additional customer effort.

With all of these groups seeing big benefits from the implementation of a call monitoring system, it’s easy to see how your entire business can realize a boost from having one put into practice. Your agents will be more productive if they believe their calls are likely to be monitored. Your management team members will be more inspired to lead new team members to success when they know precisely how to do so. And your consumers will enjoy better, more consistent service and experiences - all of which will provide positive ratings for your facility and keep business booming for your contact center.

Even More to Love

Not sure you’re ready to commit to a call monitoring system yet? If the major advantages listed above weren’t enough, how about some of these perks to listening in on your agents chatting with consumers:

  • Facilitate goal setting for agents and management team members alike
  • Enriching curriculum in training for future hires
  • Create profitable employees faster
  • Improving coaching techniques for current staff members
  • Foster an educational environment
  • Provide feedback in a more timely fashion
  • Pinpoint problems before they become too large or difficult to solve
  • Identify agents in need of additional help
  • Offer agents assistance, guidance, and encouragement in a comfortable, private setting
  • Keeping track of progress as your agents and business improve
  • Giving your management team members a more comprehensive picture of overall agent performance and improvements being made as a result of feedback

When you’re ready to maximize your contact center’s productivity with a call monitoring system, contact the industry experts at ChaseData. We can help you outfit your facility with the tools and technology you need to keep tabs on your agents and guide them toward excellence - and away from idle behavior or bad habits that might be holding your center back.

Talk to ChaseData today about how to make the most of every moment your agents are on the clock and see just how easy it is to maximize your labor cost dollars with a call monitoring system!


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