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Better Agent Utilization with Remote Call Center Software

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Jul 16, 2019 7:30:00 AM


How you make use of your time in a contact center is a major factor in productivity. For management, this means making the best use of not only their own time on the clock, but of how agents are utilized.

One way to drastically improve agent utilization for your center is by using remote call center software. This technology allows you to have agents working from off-site locations when they are most needed, while allowing you to scale back staffing and costs when necessary. Both productivity and efficiency are dramatically impacted - all without major changes to your everyday operations.

What is Remote Call Center Software?

What exactly is remote call center software, and why is it so valued by today’s contact centers?

Call center software that is designed for remote use is designed with all of the functionality of that which is used on the computers that populate contact center sites. However, this software is designed to be sleek and easy-to-use, providing at-home agents with everything they need and nothing they don’t. It may integrate training and professional development into daily routine, whereas standard software offers other features that might not be useful to these agents.

These differences are designed to maximize the individual role of a remote agent and ensure that anyone who chooses this role - whatever their previous professional role might have been - can become a profitable member of their call center team right away.

The Big Benefits of Going Remote

Now that you know what remote call center software is, how can it benefit your contact center? Truthfully, the better question might be how could it not?

There are so many ways that remote agents on your team can make your entire workforce happier and more productive, and your whole team more efficient. Here are just a few of the big benefits you can look forward to when you go remote:

  • Happier, more relaxed agents. Looking for a way to boost workplace morale and give your agents a happier, more comfortable place to work? As they say, there’s nowhere like home!

  • Greater productivity. A happier agent is a more focused agent. When your employees aren’t distracted by discomforts on the job, they can fully focus on their jobs and get more done in less time.

  • Greater, more global reach. Do you ever mourn the fact that the talent pool you have to hire from is limited to your local area? By integrating remote technology, this will no longer be the case. You will be able to welcome agents onto your team from all corners of the globe, diversifying your workforce in ways never before possible. This will also allow you to provide better, more comprehensive customer service to your callers around the clock - something that would otherwise be impossible without the use of remote agents.

  • Scaling on a budget. Handling an influx of call traffic or an unexpected dip in calls can be difficult for both your agents and your company’s budget. After all, too many calls will tax your agents - too few will tax your labor budget. Scaling to meet the changing needs of your customers is often the answer, but it can be difficult to scale on the short notice that these busy hours or seasons give you. When you want to scale your operations inexpensively and effectively, put remote agents to work for you and enjoy the benefits of a smaller or larger workforce whenever you need it - without changing your daily operations on-site.

  • Reduced turnover. One of the biggest reasons for burnout and turnover in call center agents is stress. What better way to reduce your agents’ stress than by letting them do their job from the comfort of home? It’s a great way to keep them in their positions while keeping them happy in their jobs at the same time.

How Does Remote Call Center Software Improve Agent Utilization?

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why today’s contact centers love putting remote call center software to work for them. But can it really improve your agent utilization?

If you understand how to use it correctly, the answer is absolutely, it can. While some managers may fear that the actions of their remote agents would be difficult to monitor and manage, today’s technology makes keeping tabs on what your remote agents are doing easier than ever.

With that in mind, using remote agents means you can use exactly the number of agents you need at any given time - and no more. This flexibility and potential for scaling is a tremendous help for companies looking to keep their budget in check while meeting ever-changing consumer needs. What’s more, the potential for cost savings goes well beyond simple payroll elements.

When you employ remote agents, you don’t have to outfit their stations with gear. You don’t have to ensure their office space is up to code or ergonomically sound. In fact, you don’t have to provide them with office space at all! Rather, you simply have to provide them with software and minimal training to allow them to complete the necessary tasks to be part of your team - they supply the rest themselves and get to enjoy the benefits of familiarity in working with their own devices and accessories. It’s a cost-saving, win-win for everyone involved!

Ready to learn more about integrating remote call center software into your call center’s daily operations? Contact the experts at ChaseData for all the information you need to expand your workforce and diversify what you have to offer callers and consumers - all without making major changes to your operations or budget. It’s as easy as deploying new software and more affordable than you might imagine. Call ChaseData to learn more today!


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