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4 Powerful Call Center Insurance Cross Sell Scripts

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Apr 17, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Insurance Cross Sell Scripts

When it comes to using an insurance cross sell script, call centers should use powerful and effective methods that increase their sales. Cross selling gives companies the opportunity to offer more items in addition to the items they’re already purchasing.

Call Center Insurance Cross Sell Scripts

Call center insurance cross sell scripts have significant potential of introducing new products to first-time and existing customers. Enticing a customer with a different product that compliments the item they are already prepared to purchase is smart business.

A well-written insurance cross sell script will flow between call phases easily. An agent won’t always be able to improvise, especially if they’re new or improperly trained. Fear is also a factor and that’s where a powerful script comes into play. Agents can read directly from the script until they’re comfortable enough to find what works best.

Insurance Cross Sell Script Psychology

Salespeople use the psychological studies of communication and language to their advantage to prompt expected behaviors in consumers. Slight variations in the type of language used trigger some to be more receptive, while others become more defensive. Thoughtfully choose the words for your insurance cross sell scripts to increase your odds of success.

Call Center Insurance Cross Sell Script Examples

Sounding as natural as possible is the goal because most callers respond negatively to agents using a rigid script. Gain the person’s trust because before someone will buy from you—they need to trust you.

If you come across as too pushy, you’ll definitely lose the sale. The key to successfully cross selling insurance products is to listen to the potential client and to build on your current relationship. You’re not trying to “sell” your clients anything. Present a solution to their problem.

These sample scripts can be customized in any manner you see fit:


“Good (afternoon), (client name). My name is (agent name). I’m calling to thank you for being a valued client.” Ask them if they have a couple of minutes to speak with you, “Do you have a few minutes to answer a few questions?”

If no, thank them for the call and ask if there’s another time you can call back, “I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. Is there a better time I can call?” If yes, then proceed below. 

Do you currently have (insurance product) coverage?

For example, if they live in an area where floods are likely, ask if they have flood insurance. If they say no, then ask if they or anyone they know ever experienced any flooding in the area.


  • If yes, “Oh wow, did you have any damage to your home or incur out-of-pocket expenses?”
  • If no, “Oh wow, you’re extremely fortunate because several residents in the area had flooding this past season.”

Present a few facts about the costs associated with flooding and explain how flood insurance helps protect them. “Your current homeowner’s coverage does not include flood damage because it only covers water damage from inside the home. Flood insurance protects your home from an influx of water outside of the home.”

Then, “Would you be interested in your flood insurance coverage options? It can be bundled with your current (insurance product) plan and save you money.” If yes, make sure it is a good time or if not, ask when would be a better time to call them back with a flood insurance quote. If no, thank them for being a valued client and let them know you will contact them in the future if you come across a service they might be interested in.


This example is short and concise to avoid chipping at the patience of your customer. When using this script, be certain to only use relevant information. Use the above to introduce yourself and then follow with this:

“Thank you for giving me the chance to assist you with your (insurance product) needs. Many of our clients bundle their insurance products to save money. Would you be interested in a new quote to determine if you can save money on your (insurance product) plan?”

You can tailor your script depending on the customer’s yes/no response. Remember to always thank them for being a current client.


When a client is ready for a renewal, use an insurance cross sell script at this time to offer a bundled discount. Once you’ve scanned their account for products, simply ask if the customer would like a free quote for coverage they lack. If they qualify for a discount for different coverage—tell them. Many loyal customers love exclusive offers. If they seem hesitant, reiterate the quote is absolutely free and they’re not under any obligation to purchase it. Plus, they save money with a bundle.


If someone rejects you then counter by building a response with the following:

No Money – Monthly payment plan option

No Time – Ask for a more convenient time to call back

Likes Current Plan – Ask to review it at no additional charge to ensure they’re getting the maximum savings

Already Has Plan – Same as above – Ask to review

Undecided – Help them make a decision by narrowing choices by elimination

Needs Someone to Review – No problem! Can cancel if other person doesn’t approve


Insurance Cross Sell Scripts

Practice Makes Perfect

There isn’t a single script that’s perfect for every situation. Agents need to be ready to adapt as the situation calls for it. Allow them to practice during training with other agents. Consider using recorded live calls in training and feedback sessions. It gives them an opportunity to listen to how they sound and learn from mistakes.

The most successful sales agents understand they’re up against a game of numbers. Talk to more people and they have better odds of boosting their sales. Many call centers use products like hosted dialer solutions to help improve the success rate of their agents.

Insurance Cross Sell Scripts That Work

When crafting an insurance cross sell script, remember script writing in itself is a form of written art. It needs to incorporate behavior-inducing words along with a natural flow. With time and practice, your agents will become more comfortable with cross-selling, allowing them to successfully control the call and close the sale.



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