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10 Popular Call Center Coaching Tips

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on Apr 10, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Call Center Coaching Tips

Managers in call centers don’t just schedule and monitor staff for shift work. It’s a tough industry that needs the right group of people working together for the success of a business. It’s your duty to ensure your agents deliver exceptional customer service, which is why we’ve put together these 10 popular call center coaching tips to help you achieve exactly that.

Call Center Coaching Tips

As it stands, most people dread calling in to speak with a customer service representative. Call center managers face many challenges on a daily basis. As a manager, you want to cultivate healthy agent to customer relationships, a positive company atmosphere, and encourage your agents to succeed.

It’s your priority to ensure your customers keep coming back and don’t ditch you for the competition. Check out the following call center coaching tips to see how you’re measuring up.

10. Customer Experience

The customer experience is the main thing that matters. Focus on delivering excellent customer service while meeting your clients’ needs. Gather feedback and really listen to your customers for a better understanding of how your call center is doing.

9. Employee Turnover

Improving retention and reducing employee turnover has always been a challenge in the call center industry. If you want to keep employees longer, then not only do you need to be honest about the realities of the job but you also need to weed out the personalities that most likely will not succeed.

Sure, you can improve agent incentives, create a career path, deliver more training, and etc. However, be selective about the type of person you hire. Carefully choose your agents because not everyone will prosper in a call center work environment.

8. Be a Leader

As a leader, you set the tone. When your agents feel like you truly care about their success, then they will be more likely to work hard and improve. Provide constructive criticism that empowers your agents. To flourish, it’s essential to value and acknowledge the importance of your team. Finally, measure employee satisfaction with feedback to determine any issues that might currently exist to eliminate them before they impact service.

7. Set Goals & Expectations

From the day they walk in for training, everyone should be fully aware of the expectations and goals of your company. Many companies fall short because they don’t communicate the entire picture. Often, employees aren’t even aware of what’s expected and many have no clue about how their overall performance contributes to the company.

This is a dire mistake that needs correcting if you want content customers and a profitable business. Be upfront with your goals and expectations. Managers and employees need to work together if you expect them to meet any of their goals.

6. Measurable Data

How are you using the data you’re being given? Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide you with a wealth of information. By using measurable data such as Average Handling Time (AHT) and First Call Resolution (FCR), your call center can successfully monitor KPIs and manage goals.

It’s also highly recommended to gather call center cost per call benchmark metrics to compare your company to others. This helps you understand how well your organization is functioning.

5. Training. Training. Training.

Out of these call center coaching tips, this one ranks high on the “to-do” list because high-quality training is absolutely essential to the success of your call center representatives. Your training should include guidelines for everything from dealing with angry customers to closing a sale.

An effective training program is not one that delivers occasional training. When you have downtime, you could work in training sessions with your team. Training should be done on a regular basis to ensure everyone is performing at their best.

 Call Center Coaching Tips

4. Focus on Feedback

Feedback is crucial to the development and success of your employees. If your call center doesn’t already have a quality improvement system in place, then it needs to be done as soon as possible. The importance feedback provides is to improve the quality of service provided by your customer service representatives. Give your team a chance to evaluate their own calls and learn from mistakes.

3. Streamline the Process

With an excellent team to answer calls and handle customers, it’s critical to streamline the process. Make it as uncomplicated as possible. For example, calls should have the same basic greeting and identification/verification protocol. Using a single integrated CRM platform reduces the need to jump between programs by pulling in the necessary data where it can easily be found.

2. Monitor Regularly

When agents believe there’s a chance they can be monitored at any time during a regular shift, they are more inclined to stay on script. They remain astutely aware of the quality of service being delivered to the customers.

Along with regular monitoring during calls, use screen recording and score the quality of the call while viewing the corresponding on-screen agent activity. This gives you the advantage of having the complete picture of the call. It’s also beneficial to participate in real-time call monitoring, providing you the opportunity to handle issues as they present themselves.

1. The Right Employees

Let’s round this post out with something that may not seem as obvious to many managers. There are many individuals who willingly go the distance to be the best. They strive to overcome challenges, display leadership and take pride in their work. Not everyone is going to outperform in every area of life. That’s understandable and expected. It’s the character of the people you hire that matters.

Honest, detail-oriented and hardworking are the traits you want your employees to possess. Do your employees work well within a team? Do they care about their job and the customers? Obviously, everyone is there to get paid but attitude and habits impact the company as a whole. Hiring quality employees allows your call center to operate well. 

Make a Good Impression

Nothing makes for a good impression like high-quality service delivered during a customer service call between a business and its customers. By applying these popular call center coaching tips, companies around the world will be able to improve standards and thrive.



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